The $1m+ redemption thriller is scheduled to wrap on Apr 13 and stars Glen Gould and newcomer Amanda Crew. Myriad Pictures is handling international and US rights.

In the words of producer Brent Barclay, Gould’s character is a “former boxer who’s down on his luck and lost his soul. This is his redeeming journey.” Pacific NorthWest Pictures holds Canadian rights.

Barclay and Gould worked together on the hit television film One Dead Indian. Crew, whose credits include The Haunting In Connecticut and Final Destination 3, will play a drug-addicted runaway who is abducted by the disgraced boxer at the behest of her family. Together they embark on a journey through the “charlie zone” – the underbelly of a modern city.

Charlie Zone marks the second feature for Halifax director Michael Melski, who co-wrote the script with Joe LeClair.

Charlie Zone is about a place in the city and a mindset; where people have to survive without the police because they are viewed as worthless to society,” Melski said. “It’s a beautiful, tough story of two outcasts who must overcome a brutal world and each other in order to find redemption. It’s dark, but full of humanity.”

Melski’s credits include writing and directing the award-winning festival favourite Growing Op starring Rosanna Arquette and Rachel Blanchard. 

Barclay is teaming with producer Tracey Boulton, whose Young People F*cking was a hit at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.