Los Angeles-based Unified Pictures has hired John Stevenson and Cameron Hood for its upcoming animated musical Noah’s Ark.

Stevenson will lead the creative team on the film and serve as executive producer while Hood will co-direct. Production will be based at Unified’s in-house animation division.

Noah’s Ark recounts the Biblical tale from the animal’s points of view, specifically a meerkat who leads a band of creatures to the promise of safety on the ark. Philip LaZebnik wrote the screenplay.

“Having the extraordinary talents of John and Cameron, two of the most successful animators in the industry, come together for an animated picture written by Philip Le Zebnik is like assembling the Dream Team,” said Unified Pictures president Keith Kjarval.

“Given John’s tremendous knack for telling richly layered stories and Cameron’s genius with character driven animation we feel that the production is poised to become a classic animated musical,” added Unified founder and head of animation Kurt Rauer.

Unified has two productions set to screen at Tribeca in April: A Single Shot and Trust Me.