The 14th Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 15-23) has announced the selections for CineLink, its regional co-production market created in co-operation with Rotterdam's CineMart. The market will take place from Aug 20-23 and the 15 projects will be divided in two groups: CineLink and CineLink+.

CineLink includes 12 projects that will participate in a project development workshop, and then be presented at the Co-production market during the Sarajevo Film Festival. The projects will compete for three awards of up to $20,000 (Euros 12,500) each.

For the first time CineLink is presenting an Austrian project, announcing open call for Austria next year. So far the eligible countries had to come from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey.

CineLink projects for 2008:

Ana's Story by Szabolcs Tolnai (Serbia)
Borders, Raindrops by Nikola Mijovic and Vlastimir Sudar (Montenegro / Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Broken Mussels by Seyfettin Tokmak (Turkey)
Daze by Tamas Beregi and Balint Kenyeres, director Balint Kenyeres (Hungary)
Emir & Merima by Paul Rosdy (Austria)
Honey by Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkey)
If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle by Catalin Mitulescu and Florin Serban, director Florin Serban (Romania)
Istanbul by Ferenc Torok (Hungary)
Living Together by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria)
Market by Teona Mitevska (Macedonia)
Medal Of Honour by Tudor Voican, director Calin Netzer (Romania)
One Step Behind Seraphim Daniel Sandu (Romania)

CineLink+ selection 2008 is comprised of threeprojects. By their quality and author's strength these projects deserve to be presented at CineLink, but due to pre-production phase being well underway or specific characteristics of the project do not fit into the workshops frame.

Projects will be presented at the Co-production Market in August.

CineLink+ projects for 2008:
The Bank Of, by Onur Unlu (Turkey)
Girls, by Andrea Staka (Switzerland/Croatia)
Outskirts by Cristian Mungiu and Ioana Uricaru, director Anatoli Reghintovschi (Romania)