Behind-the-scenes on 'Barbie'

Source: Warner Bros

Behind-the-scenes on ‘Barbie’

EIKON was founded on the ethos that global entertainment clients want consistency of output and quality from global servicing. Whether that is local or international markets for theatrical or streaming, studios desire creative, editorial and technical quality and control delivered across multiple windows for worldwide audiences. Often that has to happen in a very compressed timeframe but with no compromise made on quality or delivery.

There are idiosyncrasies and variables that need to be addressed as a servicing partner in the precious theatrical value chain. They can be anything from editorial and scripting changes, localised graphics, compliance issues, even release date changes. All of these and more can crop up late in the process necessitating a partner capable of nimbly accommodating inevitable alterations — at scale and speed.

EIKON has invested time and money to make sure that is the case. Operating one P&L across multiple geo-located facilities ensures a coherent business culture globally. All its localised translation, subtitle, graphics, mastering and QC services in different locations unite to deliver one global output.

“Global delivery and servicing cannot truly be delivered if you operate fractured location and service specific facilities or management,” explains Richard Fish, COO of EIKON. “Whether from our Burbank, London or Sydney operation, communication and quality has to be excellent, always. That means we have to structure, plan, operate and deliver as one worldwide entity, leveraging our global capacity in any given area of our business as one company and ensuring service is seamless irrespective of location.”

Peter Wright, CEO of EIKON, adds: “Our services are holistic, they complement one another and contribute to the same output. It is integral we have a consolidated approach globally. That means having a strategy at the very top of the organisation that manages one global entity irrespective of location, irrespective of requirement. It’s an approach that allows us to leverage and load-balance our capacity and maintain world-class quality.”

There are four pillars to EIKON’s strategic approach. First, global proprietary workflows built on EIKON’s innovative Global Name Space technology allow its teams to move assets for each project seamlessly across specialist divisions, irrespective of location and time difference — global capacity scheduling and planning not beholden to location for creative or technical delivery.

Second, end-to-end workflows from script services to creative and editorial localisation to mastering and QC for all windows are knitted together using EIKON-developed proprietary tools including META (translation management platform), SKREEN (online screening) and ultimately TRAK (high-powered project management tool).

Although smart workflows generate efficiencies and scale, physical infrastructure remains key and this is the third pillar. EIKON has just added four new theatres and four media suites in Los Angeles and two new theatrical media suites in London, bringing its global total to 14 screening theatres and 16 media suites.

In 2024, EIKON is enhancing its Sydney operation to further develop the global service within APAC.

One global voice

The fourth and perhaps most important pillar adding value to the company’s global offer is communication. The ability to communicate clearly, consistently, continuously and as one global voice with the client is absolutely critical.

“Understanding the studios’ requirements globally, but communicating with head office and regional markets continuously for sign-offs and updates, is key as well as the internal comms to ensure we are what we say we are,” says Wright.

Fish adds: “We have a global management team and are always investing time and money in develop­ing the culture of our business towards the core values so everyone at whichever EIKON location they work at has the same understanding of our ethos and principles.

“Having a global operational and service strategy allows us to maximise and optimise our worldwide capacity and skillset, positioning EIKON for all the creative and time-sensitive variables that exist in the valuable and precious theatrical window,” he adds. “This underpins everything we do. It has served EIKON incredibly well and contributed to our significant growth in the global market as streaming entertainment content expands deeper into more and more territories worldwide.”