Twelve teams of emerging writers, directors, animators and producers have been shortlisted for the Scottish Shorts programme 2012/13.

The 12 live action and animation films will be developed over the next few months before being pitched to an industry panel. Four projects will then be selected for production in spring 2013.

The budget range for commissions is between £5,000 and £20,000.

The programme is a collaboration between Hopscotch Films and DigiCult with investment from Creative Scotland, and draws on the experience of producers John Archer, Carolynne Sinclair Kidd and Paul Welsh.

They will offer support and expertise to the chosen film-makers, helping to create projects and equipping film-makers with the skills to break into features and promote their work on a national and international platform. 


  • As He Lay Uncertain
    Writer/Director: Ian Waugh  
  • Exchange and Mart
    Writer/Director: Cara Connolly & Martin Clark
  • Frankie & Adam (Animation/Live Action)
    Director: Michael Hughes; Writer/Director: Jessica Connell
  • Hedgehog (Animation)
    Writer/Director: Ania Leszczynska; Co-writer & Producer: Jessica Connell

  • Monkey Love Experiments (Animation)
    Writer/Director: Ainslie Henderson
  • Mourn
    Writer/Director: Ian Robertson; Producer/Co-writer: Sam Ferguson.
  • Take Your Partners
    Writer/Director: Siri Rodnes
  • The House that Makes Children Old
    Director: Matt Cameron; Writer: Tom K McCarthy
  • The Whale’s Song (Animation)
    Writer/Director: Andy Kaiser; Joseph Atkinson
  • Untitled ProjectWriter/Director: Martin Smith

  • Wild
    Writer/Director: Alasdair Bayne
  • Wiyuld
    Writer/Director: Rory Alexander Stewart