Titles sold include Angele Et Tony and Naomi.

There may be an absence of buyers on the Lido but mid-way through the Venice Festival, some business is still being done. Over the weekend, French outfit Pyramide announced a handful of sales on one of its festival titles.

One Pyramide title that has now gone to several territories is Critics’ Week selection, Angele Et Tony. Alix Delaporte’s drama about a couple in a small fishing village in Normandy has now sold to Benelux (Lumiere), Switzerland (Xenix), Italia (Sacher) and Australia (Palace.) Pyramide is also in discussions with German, Austrian and Scandinavian buyers.

Meanwhile, another Pyramide title, Eitan Zur’s Naomi, has been sold to Cineworx for Switzerland. The film, already snapped up by E1 for Canada, is a drama about a professor traumatised to discover that his much younger wife is having an affair.

Pyramide also reported a deal with a buyer from CIS on La Belle Endormie but hasn’t yet announced the distributor’s name.