A new online platform, StudioBeyond, is aiming to become the first integrated online office space specially designed for the movie and TV industry.

Set up by former lawyer Jasmin Prosser, who began developing the concept three years ago after spending time with the LA film community, the online platform aims to break down existing barriers in the film industry, connecting talent, producers, distributors, exhibitors, executives, financiers, broadcasters and casting professionals.

Amongst its functions, the site will allow castings agents to view talent, budding screenplay writers to pitch to producers, sales agents to view movie trailers and distributors to connect with exhibitors.  Users will be able to pitch to movie executives who in turn will be able to search the database of projects and talent.

With an official launch date of May 20, StudioBeyond already has over 1000 pre-registered members.

“People have called it facebook for the film industry but it’s far beyond that. It’s a commercial business outlet with a fully-fledged online office suite and instant access to any kind of service, project or talent you’re looking for, all tailored to the operational needs of the film and TV industry,” said Prosser.