Technicolor was in Cine Expo today to unveil further details of its new Technicolor 3D system, which employs a ‘pay as you go’ model for exhibitors.

The system aims to be something of a bridge for cinemas without 3D projectors (but with silver screens) to be able to show 3D films, as a transitional measure as the digital cinema rollout falls behind consumer demand. According to Technicolor’s research, audiences are choosing 3D over 2D at a rate offour to one.

The pay-as-you go model has a Euros 22,500 flat fee per lens, covering a three-year lease. One-year options follow.

Technicolor will charge exhibitors a per-feature fee of Euros 1,500, capped at Euros 9,000 annually even if the number of films is greater than six.

This model moves the financial burden to the studio/distributor to create the special version of the film to use with the system, which some exhibitors in the Cine Expo audience seemed wary about.

Based on the costs, Technicolor estimated that a typical exhbitor “could be able to recoup their investment in the silver screen and the Technicolor 3D system in as little as one to two features.”

Claire Darley is the Senior Vice President for International Sales & Marketing in Technicolor’s Creative Services Division, noted that the systems is employed in 200 screens in the US now, with 200 more to come this summer.

A case study of the new system was done at the Empire cinema in Newcastle, England, for Clash of the Titans, with cinemagoers rating the experience almost identical to that of the film shown on Empire’s Digital 3D screen.

“The feedback is that this system really works,” Darley said.

The system is also being deployed in key European markets such as the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, with plans to move the system into Russia and Asia soon.

Technicolor started developing the proprietary system in mid-2009. The company said it aims to have 1,000 screens using the system by the end of 2010.