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Robbert Blokland

  • Dunya & Desie is selected as Oscar entry from The Netherlands


    Dunya & Desie, directed by Dana Nechushtan, has been selected as this year's Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.
  • Hauer joins van Houten in cast of Smoke And Ochre


    Rutger Hauer and German actor Sebastian Koch have joined the cast of biopic Smoke And Ochre, to be directed by Dutch filmmaker Paula van der Oest.
  • Fortissimo and Circe Films team up for art titles


    Dutch based film company Fortissimo and Amsterdam-based production outfit Circe Films are teaming up to producea series of European arthouse titles. They announced their new partnership in Rotterdam.
  • Dutch box office stabilizes in 2007 with local market share increasing


    With over 22.1m tickets sold, the Dutch film industry stabilised its number of visitors with a strong 2007. Total gross of all theatres nationwide was $228.5m (Euros 153.8m).
  • Dutch producers IDTV Film and Motel Films join forces


    Dutch film- and television production companies Motel Films & IDTV Film have joined forces. From January 1st, two parties continued together under the name of IDTV Film.
  • Carice van Houten joins Body of Lies and Repossession Mambo


    Black Book star Carice van Houten has signed up for two new projects: Ridley Scott's Body of Lies and Repossession Mambo.In the Ridley Scott directed Body of Lies, the Dutch actress co-stars next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Her production days are scheduled this week in Morocco. Right after ...
  • Verhoeven plans $27m adaptation of Dexter's The Paperboy


    Paul Verhoeven will direct the big-screen adaptation of Pete Dexter's novel The Paperboy, which former cinematographer Jan de Bont will produce.
  • Dutch 2007 box office up 8.3% in first half of 2007


    Recovery of Dutch box office continues after the satisfying 2006 numbers. Total gross increased with 8.3% to $96.5m (Euros 70.7m) in this year's first six months, compared to $89.1m (Euros 65.3m) in 2006.
  • Dutch actress Carice Van Houten to co-star in Valkyrie


    Black Book star Carice Van Houten has been cast in Bryan Singer's wartime thriller Valkyrie.
  • New Dutch scheme to offer $17m annually in matching funds


    New Dutch regulations for film investment offer matching funds for films with two-thirds funding in place.Producers with 65% of their financing in place will be able to apply for the other 35% of their film's budget under the new incentive. To access the cash, 25% of total financing must be from private investors. This year, the Matching Fund's budget is $15.7m (Euros 11.8m). From 2008, the amount will be increased to a yearly $17.4m (Euros 13m). Support ...
  • New Holland Pictures and IdtV team for Separation City


    Australian production company New Holland Pictures and Netherlands-based IdtV Film are joining forces to co-produce the $4.2m (NZ $5.6m) romantic comedy Separation City.New Zealand's Paul Middleditch (Terra Nova) will direct. The story, written by New Zealand writer Tom Scott, is about a New Zealand woman about to find out her partner is having an affair ...
  • Thijs Romer to co-star in Tucci's Van Gogh remake


    Young Dutch actor Thijs Romer will co-star in the forthcoming remake of Theo van Gogh's Blind Date, to be directed by Stanley Tucci.
  • Black Book's Carice Van Houten to play South African writer


    Dutch actress Carice van Houten will play the lead role in the biopic Smoke and Ochre about revolutionary South-African writer Ingrid Jonker. Dutch company Riba Film is developing the project, which will shoot in 2008.
  • Black Book star Carice van Houten moves on to Dorothy Mills


    Dutch actress Carice van Houten is playing the lead role in a new psychological thriller by Agnes Merlet, with a working title of Dorothy Mills.
  • Dutch-German filmmaker Laurens Straub dies aged 62


    Acclaimed Dutch-German writer and producer Laurens Straub died April 19 of cancer in Berlin. He was 62.
  • Oscar winning Dutch film-maker Fons Rademakers dies aged 86


    Dutch director Fons Rademakers died last Thursday at the age of 86. He received an Academy Award in 1987 for his wartime thriller The Assault.
  • Dutch box office recovers with 9% rise in admissions


    The Dutch box-office business has recovered in 2006 after a devastating 2005 with an increase 9% in admissions and an increase of 14% in box-office takings.
  • Rotterdam to open with Sapir's La Antena


    The 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam opens on January 24th with the world premiere of Argentine feature The Aerial (La Antena) by director Esteban Sapir. Festival director Sandra den Hamer calls the black-and-white feature 'one of the most original productions of the year. It is a cinematic statement again the influence of the mass media.'The film is also one of the nominees in the Tiger Award Competition. The list of ...
  • Rutger Hauer to lead Rotterdam masterclass


    The Rutger Hauer FilmfactoryRotterdam Foundation will an eight-day masterclass ledby Rutger Hauer.
  • Warner Bros. picks up New Line titles for Benelux


  • First Dutch-South African co-production starts shooting


    Principal shooting started this week in Cape Town on Threes Anna's The Bird Can't Fly - the first Dutch-South African co-production.
  • Dutch distributor A-Film expands into Belgium


  • Verhoeven's Black Book selected as Dutch Oscar entry


  • Verhoeven on board for adaptation of Kneeling on a flowerbed of violets


    Paul Verhoevenhas taken on a new directing job in the Netherlands. Joining forces with the Dutch production company NLFilm & TV, Verhoeven will adapt the awarded Dutchnovel Kneeling on a flowerbed of violets (Knielenop een bed violen) forthe big screen.
  • Dutch Film Fund grants $2.03m in production subsidies


    The Dutch Film Fund has granted production subsidies for five major new Dutch featurefilms. The total production subsidy amounts to $2.03m (Euros 1.7m.) The grantshave been awarded to four different production companies: IdtVFilm, 24FPS Features, Feature Partners and LagesteeFilm.
  • San Fu Maltha sells his share holding in A-Film


    San Fu Maltha, co-founder along with PimHermeling of the Netherlands' biggest independent film distributor, A-Film is leaving the company.His majority share holding has been acquired by investment companies W2Media BV andVan Lanschot Bankers. A-Film commented that the majoritysale was "a strategic investment to continue and expand ...
  • Dutch film's local admissions up by almost 14%


    With 2.5million admissions for local features so far and the rest of December to go atthe box office, the Dutch films' box office for 2005 is up by at least 13.6%.In 2004, 2.2million tickets were sold for Dutch films in total. Children's and youth filmsform the most significant part of thegrowth with 2005 box office hits like Kameleon ...
  • Academy rejects Dutch Oscar entry


    Dutch Oscar candidate, Bluebirdhas been rejected for this season's Academy Awards. The film was first made fortelevision and therefore does not qualify. Bluebirddid get its theatrical release, but only after its premiere on television.
  • Independent distributor to make new year debut


    A newindependent distributor will begin operations in the Netherlands and Belgium fromJanuary.Dutchcompanies Filmworks and Inspire Pictures and the Belgium distributor Lumierehave joined forces to form Benelux Film Distributors. The companyis aiming for a wide range of independent film productions, from mainstream toarthouse. Amongstthe titles to be released ...
  • Paradise, Guernsey emerge as best Dutch films


    Hani Abu-Assad's Paradise Now and Nanouk Leopold's Guernseydominatedthe Golden Calf awards for the best Dutch films, handed out on Friday night atthe Dutch Film festival.
  • Paradise reigns in Dutch market


    Multicultural comedy Schnitzel Paradise, a contemporary Romeo andJuliet style story, is riding high at the Dutch box office.
  • Verhoeven's Black Book cranks up in The Hague


    Paul Verhoeven's longawaited WWII thriller Blackbook starts shooting this week (Aug 31)in The Hague in the Netherlands.
  • Arthouse trend boosts declining Dutch box office


    Arthouseand specialist film is proving the bright spot in a declining Dutch market.Second-quarterfigures ...
  • Emily Watson embarks on pan-European Crusade


    Oscar nominated Dutchdirector Ben Sombogaart (Twin Sisters) has started shooting the Euros 12m Crusade In Jeans, which stars Emily Watson and Belgian actor JanDecleir.
  • Ring Two holds onto international chart lead


    Horrorsequel The Ring Two hung on to the lead on the international table atthe weekend. A number one $3m launch in Italy led the way among the eight newterritories which received it, which also included Russia with $1.8m.Frenchcomedy Brice De Nice was the best new opener taking the fourth place.Leading the French table, the ...
  • Euro, South African producers fan Smoke biopic


    Dutchproducer Riba Film, Germany's Pandora Film and South Africa's Do Productionshave partnered to finance the Euros 4.6m Smokeand Ochre, an English language biopic about the South African poet IngridJonker.
  • RTL to bankroll Dutch film-makers


    Dutch broadcaster RTL Entertainment isexpanding its activities into film production.
  • Dutch wage two-pronged assault on Norwegian war satire


    Dutch producer 24fpsis working on a film version of Krig, the satirical Norwegian novel about a war betweenthe Netherlands and Norway that erupts after an incident during the Europeanskating championship.
  • Greenaway to write, direct Rembrandt project


    Peter Greenaway iswriting and will direct a film about Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Thefilm, titled Nightwatching, is initiated by Dutch Kasander Film Companyand is due to be released next May (2006) to co-incide with the 400th anniversary ofthe famous painter.
  • NETHERLANDS 8 February


  • Rotterdam names Tiger Award winners


    An Italian, aRussian and a Spanish film were named the winners of the three Tiger Awards onFriday (Feb 4) at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival.
  • Dutch TV company expands into film production


    Dutch independent television productioncompany Eyeworks is expanding into film production. The creator of successfulTV formats as The National IQ Test and The 10' is working on twoprojects to be filmed in 2006.
  • Van Gogh shadow hangs over Rotterdam


    The shadow of the murdered director Theovan Gogh is hanging over this year's Rotterdam Film Festival (Jan 26-Feb 6).
  • Controversial Van Gogh short withdrawn from Rotterdam


    Dutch production company Column Productions haswithdrawn Theo van Gogh's controversial short film Submission: Part Ifrom the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Producer Gijs van de Westelakendecided to cancel a public screening of the film for "security reasons".
  • Rotterdam festival to offer downloads of arthouse films


    The InternationalFilm Festival Rotterdam is launching an experiment next week that will see itdistribute arthouse films over the internet.
  • Dutch box office suffers first annual fall in ten years


    The Dutch box office dropped by 10% to Euros 151.3min 2004, according to end of year figures from the Dutch Federation ofAssociated Cinemas (NVF).
  • Court documentary to open Rotterdam festival


    The 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) willopen on January 26 with French court documentary The 10th District Court,Moments Of Trials (10e Chambre, Instants D'audiences) by Raymond Depardon.
  • Dutch Filmworks wins private equity backing


    Private equity fundMain Capital has paid Euros 3.5m to acquire a substantial minority interest inNetherlands based distributor Dutch Filmworks (DFW).
  • Fourteen films to compete for Rotterdam Tiger awards


    The InternationalFilm Festival Rotterdam has selected fourteen films for the Tiger AwardsCompetition of its 34th edition.
  • Van Gogh's last film debuts on the Internet


    0605, the last film of murdered Dutchfilmmaker Theo van Gogh, was released on the Internet on Sunday. The thriller,which reconstructs a fictional conspiracy around the murder of Dutch politicianPim Fortuyn, is the first European feature film to be legally broadcast theInternet before its theatrical release.
  • Verhoeven's Blackbook postponed


    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven has postponed the filming ofhis new thriller Blackbook (Zwartboek).Shooting should have started this week, but the 66 year old director recently underwenta heart operation and will be recuperating for at least a couple of weeks.