Fourth annual award for docs having greatest impact on society has five winners this year.

The prize for documentaries having the greatest impact on society, supported by Netflix, Puma, Knight Foundation & Compton Foundation, is to “reward their extraordinary commitment, passion and achievements in using storytelling to provoke change.”

Each team receives a $15,000 cash award.

The winners are:

  • American Promise, dirs. Michele Stepehnson & Joe Brewster
  • Blackfish, dir Gabriela Cowperthwaite
  • Granito, dir Pamela Yates
  • The House I Live In, dir Eugene Jarecki
  • No Fire Zone, dir Callum Macrae

This year introduces the #NetflixHi5 Award; recognising the winning film that receives the highest number of Tweets in the days following the announcement. That time period closes on Monday; the prize is worth and additional $5,000.

The awards also recognise the outstanding partner on a film, and that goes to United Way which worked with American Promise.

Jess Search of Britdoc said, “We’re thrilled to be celebrating these five fantastic films, not only bringing great stories to communities but bringing about real world change. It doesn’t get better than this.”

Britdoc releases reports on each of the winning films and their impressive campaigns — those case studies can be found at