According to Paramount’s partners China Movie Media Group, Transformers: Age Of Extinction has reached $134.5m in its first five days in China – more than the $120.9m in the first five days in North America.

Paramount’s Chinese promotional partner China Movie Media Group’s (CMMG) said the five-day haul set a new record, overtaking that of Monkey King, which set the previous record when it opened earlier this year.

However while CMMG representatives who contacted the press supplied figures that purported to offer a “behind-the-scenes” look at the release, questions from Screendaily about the P&A spend in China, as well as details on revenue share, remained unanswered at time of writing.

CMMG’s first collaboration with a US studio, in this case Paramount Pictures, has raced to $381m worldwide, of which $260.5m comes from the international market.

CMMG claims the film’s $3.2m opening midnight gross overtook Iron Man 3’s $1.9m in 2013 for a new China record. CMMG also noted Avatar’s final gross in China on $217.7m and expressed confidence T4 would break that record.

Paramount produced T4 with Jiaflix.