UPDATE JULY 14: Paramount Pictures International’s behemoth generated a superb confirmed $100.3m in its third weekend of duty to raise the score to $540.6m as the global tally climbed to $749.4m.

UPDATED: Active in 12 new territories, Transformers: Age Of Extinction delivered the biggest launch of the year-to-date and of the franchise in the UK on $20.1m from 1,323 sites including six days of previews.

Mexico delivered a formidable $15.8m from 649 including previews for another series record. Colombia produced $5.2m including previews for another series record and the biggest debut of the year-to-date.

There was even a $2.8m from 140 franchise record in Argentina, despite an audience drain on Sunday when the national side competed in the World Cup final against Germany.

Similarly, the Netherlands, whose team beat Brazil in the third-fourth play-off on Saturday, produced a franchise-best $2.3m from 124. Chile delivered $1.8m from 160.
China led the third weekend holdovers on $24.1m from 4,400 sites for a momentous $261.7m. Age Of Extinction added $3.9m from 558 for $39.4m in South Korea and $2.5m from 1,059 in Russia to stay top on $41.6m. The film generated a further $2.5m in Australia for $22.1m.

Next week the robots invade World Cup Finallists Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland and Austria.

On Imax, the film brought in a further $3.3m from 152 in China to reach $29.5m and overtake the $24m Avatar score. The global tally stands at $68m.

  • UPDATED: Fox International’s Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes provided a terrific complement to the $73m number one North American launch as the action sequel took $31.4m from 27 markets, of which only two are majors.

Active on 4,913 screens, Apes arrived top in South Korea on $11.5m from 910 for the studio’s third biggest ever launch. It opened top in Australia on $6.6m from 467 and ranked as the top Hollywood release in India on $1.9m from 850.

Apes was impressive in Asia with a string of number one results led by Malaysia on a table-topping $1.9m from 400 for Fox’s fourth biggest debut; $1.6m from 303 in Thailand; $1.3m from 79 in Singapore; $1.3m from 226 in the Philippines; and $1.1m from 300 in Indonesia for Fox’s fourth biggest debut.

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 added $34.4m from 7,624 screens in 62 markets to reach $198.9m. The animation soared in its UK debut, taking 15.9m from 552 to arrive in second place.

Elsewhere Dragon 2 added $4.7m from 768 in France for $14.8m after two weekends and stands at $21.3m Australia, $19.4m in Brazil and $17.6m in Mexico – all after four sessions.

The Fault In Our Stars earned a further $7.6m from 4,105 screens in 56 markets for $118.4m and stands at $27.2m in Brazil after six, $16.6m in the UK after four and $14.5m in Mexico after six.

Rio 2 stands at $360.2m and X-Men: Days Of Future Past $504.4m.

Fox International Productions’ German co-production Rico, Oskar Und Die Tieferschatten arrived on just under $1m from German-speaking Europe and grossed $922,00 in Germany.

  • Maleficent has now grossed close to $670m worldwide to date and added $13.4m from 45 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to climb to $447m after seven weekends.

The film stayed top in its second weekend in Japan and has now reached $19.1m. Elsewhere, China has generated $46m, Mexico $45.2m, Russia $37.2m, Brazil $31.1m and the UK $30.2m.

  • Two Chinese releases were in good for in their local territory. Old Boys: The Way Of The Dragon grossed $12.4m for a $16m running total, while The Breakup Guru added $11m for $91.5m.
  • UPDATED: Sony Pictures Releasing International’s 22 Jump Street grossed $6.1m from 37 territories for $81.5m. The comedy opened in Portugal on $131,125 from 42. Deliver Us From Evil added $1.4m from 22 for an early $4.7m.
  • UPDATED: Edge Of Tomorrow grossed $3.9m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 60 markets for $255.7m.

The sci-fi added $1.8m from 633 in the second session in Japan for $8.6m and stands at $63.6m in China, $37.8m in South Korea, $21.1m in Russia and $13m in the UK.

Blended grossed $4.4m from 51 markets for $49.5m, while Jersey Boys took $1.8m from 15 for $10m and has grossed $4m in Australia and $2.4m in the UK.

  • UPDATED: Universal Pictures International executives reported that Neighbors crossed $250m worldwide. A further $1.8m from 32 territories boosted the tally to $103.2m. The global tally stands at $251.8m.

Boyhood, which Universal distributes internationally except France, Belgium and Netherlands, took $840,000 from four for an early $3.3m. The acclaimed coming-of-age tale opened in the UK on $570,000 from 89 sites.

UK hit Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie ranks third in the UK on $1.8m from 484 venues and has amassed $19.9m after three weekends. A Million Ways To Die In The West stands at $39.4m.

  • Latest information from Lionsgate International puts Divergent on $123m internationally and $274m worldwide, while Transcendence has reached $103m worldwide and $80m internationally.