EXCLUSIVE: Combined box office for all the studio’s films released in 2015 from January 1 through December 31 reached a world record $6.88bn worldwide.

Jurassic World

Universal climbed 120% year-on-year to secure 22% market share in North America on $2.448bn and gained 212% on 2014 to record $4.44bn internationally.

The studio ranked number one in both arenas and achieved the triple crown at the box office in 2015, overtaking the $5.53bn worldwide mark and the $3.73bn international records established by Fox in 2014 and Warner Bros’ $2.105bn North American record from 2009.

Universal also became the fastest studio ever to cross $1bn and $2bn in North America, $2bn and $3bn internationally and $3bn, $4bn and $5bn worldwide.

It is the only studio to cross $6bn worldwide and $4bn internationally and the only one to have three films gross more than $1bn worldwide – Jurassic World ($1.67bn), Furious 7 ($1.516bn) and Minions ($1.158bn).


Jurassic World grossed $652.3m in 2015 and finished the year as the highest-grossing film within the calendar year, although Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become the highest-grossing film released in 2015 on $686.4m.

Six of the studio’s films opened number one in North America in 2015: Fifty Shades Of Grey, Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2, Jurassic World, Illumination’s Minions and Straight Outta Compton, for a year-to-date total of 14 number one weekends, more than any other studio.  

Four films grossed more than $100m in North America – Trainwreck ($110.2m), Straight Outta Compton ($161.2m), Fifty Shades Of Grey ($166.2m) and Pitch Perfect 2 ($184.3m); two took more than $200m – Minions ($336m) and Furious 7 ($353m); and one crossed $600m – Jurassic World ($652.3m).


Universal enjoyed four worldwide number one debuts and held on to top spot for 13 weeks and internationally for 11.

Jurassic World secured the second biggest worldwide opening weekend in history ($524.9m) and the third biggest of all time while Furious 7 ranks fifth ($397.7m).


Furious 7 stands as the highest grossing international film of 2015 ($1.162bn) and the third biggest of all time, while Jurassic World ($1.017bn) ranks as the fourth highest in history. Minions ($821m) and Fifty Shades Of Grey ($404.3m) join the list to give Universal four of the top 10 international releases of the year.

Three titles grossed more than $800m – Furious 7, Jurassic World ($1.017bn) and Minions ($821m).


Ocho Appelidos Catalanes (Spanish Affair 2) ranks as the biggest film of 2015 in Spain, the third biggest Spanish film of all time behind Ocho Apellidos Vascos and The Impossible and the sixth biggest release of all time in the market.

It opened top in Spain on $8.6m (€8.1m) to record the biggest debut of the year and UPI’s biggest ever debut as it claimed 70% market share. It held on to number one for four weeks in a row and currently stands at $33.6m (€31.2m).

Babysitting 2 opened at number one and delivered the third best opening weekend for a French film in 2015 and stands at $16.4m.

The Dressmaker has amassed $14.4m in Australia and held on to number one for two weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

Italian drama Nessuno Si Salvo Da Solo opened at number two and has reached $3.8m (€3.6m). Comedy Natale Col Boss is in the early stages and stands at $7.5m after three weekends.

Russian comedy Dukhless 2 opened top and has amassed $8.1m.