Film music production company the Cutting Edge Group will launch a new $100m (€ 74m) fund following the success of the $13.3m (€9.8m) Resonant Music Fund.

Through the new fund, Cutting Edge intends to offer producers with a limited music budget the chance to hire their music services. The company will manage all the music elements of the producers’ films in consideration for the music rights.   

Where traditionally only a larger US studio production would benefit from the services, the Resonant fund has enabled independent film producers and more than 50 films to secure the music to fit their budget without compromising on quality and choice. 

The group works with major studios and smaller independent film companies and has offices in London, Los Angeles and New York. It incorporates music services company Air-Edel, Air-Edel Recording Studios, music supervisor Liz Gallacher and Pale Blue Records

The company’s recent credits include Fish Tank and The Cove, and it is currently working on more than 50 productions including the music supervision of Harry Potter. The company has signed a four-picture deal with Dark Castle Entertainment, and is awaiting Orphan, the next of the titles to be released.

“We are in an unrivalled position to be able to cater to all the music needs of any qualifying producer, and provide, if not all a significant portion of, the required finance for the music” said Philip Moross of Cutting Edge. The $100 million for the fund will be raised through private investors.