Alice In Wonderland reached $300m according to early estimates from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) as the film reigned supreme for the third weekend.

Adding an estimated $47m from 6,687 screens in 49 territories, the fantasy adventure raised the tally to an even $300m, of which approximately $216m comes from 3D venues.

Alice has become the biggest international release for Burton after it overtook the $268m final tally of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and is now Disney’s biggest release in Italy and Russia.

The UK generated $7.2m from 753 theatres for $45.9m; Germany, where it is now Burton’s biggest release, delivered $4.4m from 509 for $22.9m; and Italy, where it is also the third biggest release in industry history, produced $4.1m from 703 to raise the tally to $34.7m.

Australia generated $3.6m from 256 for $23.7m; Mexico produced $3.2m from 781 for $23.8m and Alice is now Disney’s biggest live-action release; Russia delivered $2.7m from 576 for $36.6m to also position Alice as the fourth biggest industry release; Benelux generated $2.6m from 291 for $7.4m; and South Korea produced $2.2m from 364 for $13.7m.

Fox International’s Avatar added a further $13m in its 14th weekend from 3,718 screens in 68 markets for $1.937bn, led by Japan where $2.2m from 381 screens resulted in third place and a $160m running total after 13 weekends. China leads all markets on $192m, the UK stands at $145.5m, and Avatar has amassed an unprecedented 100m BRL tally in Brazil on $56.8m.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief grossed $5.2m from 3,119 screens in 52 markets for $130m. My Name Is Khanstands at $36.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s action comedy The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston opened day-and-date with North America on 1,175 screens in eight markets for a very respectable $8m.

It fared best in the UK, where second place on $3.2m was the performance of the weekend, followed closely by Russia in second or third on $3m. Australia generated second place on $1.3m.

The Book Of Eli added $4.4m from 1,065 in 26 for $12.4m through Sony territories, rising to around $5m through Summit International distributors for a $43.7m industry running total. The film launched at number one in Spain and Brazil.

Legion grossed $1.2m from 24 markets for $13.9m and Did You Hear About The Morgans? stands at $52.5m. The Men Who Stare At Goats has amassed $7.2m through Sony markets.

Paramount/PPI’s Shutter Island crossed $100m over the weekend thanks to a $15.1m haul that boosted the tally to $106.5m. Paramount territories delivered $12m from 2,915 locations in 39 territories and have generated $70.7m.

The mystery opened top in South Korea on $2.4m from 282 locations and there was an excellent hold in the UK, where a further $2.9m from 420 sites in its second weekend brought the running total to $8.4m. France generated a further $1.8m from 557 locations for $19.7m after four.

How To Train Your Dragon opened in Russia, Romania, and the Ukraine ahead of the North American and wider international launch next weekend, grossing a terrific $8.1m from 698 locations. Russia as expected led the way on $7.5m from 600 locations.

How to Train Your Dragon arrives next week in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, S Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Latin America, Australia and South-East Asia.

The Lovely Bones added 1.5m from 1,496 locations in 52 territories for $48.1m and Up In The Air added $1.2m from 972 in 9 for $76.7m.

Universal/UPI’s Green Zone took $7.4m from 2,124 sites in 23 territories for an early $20.4m, and Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur), Universal’s French co-production with Quad, delivered the biggest opening for a French film this year and the fourth overall as it opened top in France on an excellent $4.6m from 379.It’s Complicated crossed $100m overseas after $2.7m from 1,200 in 25 territories raised the tally to $102m.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s Sherlock Holmes grossed $3.6m from 1,550 screens in 27 markets for $298.7m and The Blind Side took $3.2m from 915 in 20 for an early $14.3m. Driving this weekend result was an $835,000 number two launch in Mexico from 322 and $742,000 in third in Brazil from 115. Valentine’s Day stands at $103.3m and Invictus has reached $85.4m.