In its second weekend Sony’s action sci-fi overtook its chief rival Rango in fine style, adding $28.7m from 8,344 screens in 55 markets to boost the early tally to $51.6m.

The film opened in China on a confirmed $11.1m from 3,968 in the widest ever release for a foreign film in what was a probable number one finish although Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) had not confirmed the ranking on Monday.

Battle: Los Angeles opened top in Australia on $2.6m from 328, debuted in second place in France on $1.9m from 295 and opened top in Brazil on $1.5m from 286. There was a notable number one launch in Malaysia on $1.1m from 134 while Singapore generated $15,473 from 52 and the Philippines produced $404,751 from 45.

South Korea led the holdover territories on $1.7m from 336 for $6.2m, followed by the UK on $1.4m from 550 for $5.6m and Russia on $1.5m from 661 for $7.2m.

SPRI reported that Just Go With It added $4.8m from 1,685 in 33 markets for $52.2m. The rom-com added $1.3m from 285 in Brazil for $7.6m after three weekends and $1.1m from 518 in Germany for $9.5m after four. Spain has generated $5.4m after four. GK FilmsThe Tourist added $1.5m from 327 screens to reach $200.4m in total and $147.6m through SPRI markets.

  • Rango took in a further $20m through PPI from 5,810 venues in 54 markets as the international running total climbed to $73m. The animation opened in eight new markets, among them Russia where it grossed $4.2m from 650.

There was a number one opening in Israel on $133,000 from 28. The animation grossed $2.1m from 442 in Italy for $6.7m and added $2.1m from 236 in Australia for $5.7m, both after two weekends, while the UK tally climbed by $1.7m to $8m after three.

No Strings Attached grossed $3.6m from 2,081 sites in 47 territories and opened in Brazil on $800,000 from 125 including previews. The overall tally stands at $58.5m.

True Grit grossed $2.6m from 1,849 in 59 markets for $71.6m and opened in limited pattern in Japan given the ongoing catastrophe there to gross $250,000 from 28 sites over three days heading into Monday’s public holiday.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never brought in an additional $1.2mn from 796 venues in 14 territories as the early running total climbed to $10.8m.

  • The Rite added $7.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from approximately 2,185 screens in 42 territories for $46.1m, the distributor confirmed on Monday [20].

The supernatural drama opened in Spain on $1.6m from 298 and added $1.5m from 253 in France for $4.8m after two weekends. The Rite stands at $10.1m in Mexico, $3.9m in Italy, $3.8m in Brazil and $2.5m in the UK.

Amiguetes Entertainment and Antena 3 FilmsTorrente 4 – 3D distributed through Warner Bros Spain stayed top in the second weekend thanks to another excellent haul of $5.5m from 780 for $20m.

Red Riding Hood grossed $3.8m from 1,020 screens in nine markets for $5.6m and opened in Russia on $1.7m from 454 to rank third and debuted in South Korea on $1.2m from 191 in, placing second.

Hall Pass grossed $3.7m from 1,500 in 20 for $14.4m and stands at $3.2m in the UK after two weekends, $5.7m in Australia after three and $1.8m in Germany after two.

Unknown starring Liam Neeson grossed $2.4m from nearly 1,050 in 32 Warner Bros territories for $24.9m.The thriller launched in Mexico on $1.1m from 484. Including territories where WBPI does not hold rights the film has amassed $43.9m. Optimum released in the UK, Canal+ in France and Kinowelt in Germany.

Gnomeo & Juliet brought in $4.5m from 1,099 screens in 12 for $19.7m through Disney markets. The animation started in Spain and Italy on $1.7m from 408 and $1.4m from 200, respectively. Adding in the $38.5m haul from Pathe markets and the international running total rises to $58.2m, which combines with North America for a $151.9m global tally.

Mars Needs Moms continued to struggle and generated $3.4m from 1,475 screens from 21 territories for $7.8m. Russia generated $1.1m from 522 for $3.7m after two weekends and Mexico delivered a $1.1m debut in third place from 350.

Tangled has reached $360.7m following a $3.2m weekend from 2,704 screens in 42 territories. The animation finished its second consecutive weekend as the number one attraction in Japan where a resilient performance in the partly devastated country drew in $1.9m from 326 to boost the tally to $5.1m.

  • Black Swan brought in an additional $5.8m from 3,977 screens in 42 markets as the tally soared to $175.4m. The psycho-thriller added around 902,437 in South Korea from 250 for $9.9m after four weekends and $831,923 in France from 472 for $20.1m after six.

Spain has generated $11.9m after five, Germany $19.7m after nine, Italy $7.8m after five and Mexico and Brazil approximately $8.4m each after six and seven weekends, respectively.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son opened in seven markets and earned $2.8m from 1,838 in 40 for $29.9m while The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader sailed past $300m this weekend with the help of an excellent hold in Japan on $1.5m from 621 that raised the tally to $21.8m after four and $301m internationally.

Gulliver’s Travels stands at $175.3m and Unstoppable had its final international opening this weekend in Venezuela where it debuted in first place on $134,563. The international running total is $87.7m.

  • Universal’s sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau grossed $5.2m through UPI from 2,222 sites in 38 territories for $31.9m. It opened in a further seven territories including a $530,000 number one launch in Taiwan from 56 venues.

The film added $909,000 from 385 in the UK for $6.6m after three weekends and stands at $5.3m after three in Australia following an $863,000 haul from 208. Germany has produced $2m after two weekends and Spain $3.4m after three.

Russian title Office Romance debuted at number one in Russia on $5.2m from 655 dates, which makes it the second biggest opening of a Russian film in 2011.

Paul grossed $1.6m from 615 in five territories to raise the international total to $28.3m. The sci-fi homage added $507,000 from 287 in its fifth weekend in the UK as the tally climbed to $22.7m. Paul added $750,000 from 290 in France for $4.9m after three.