Territories sold for Cannes Competition title include Russia, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and more.

Fortissimo Films has closed a slew of deals on Alex van Warmerdam’s Cannes Competition title Borgman.

Deals have been closed for Portugal (Prisvideo - Edicoes Videograficas), Russia and the CIS (Russian Report), Turkey (Ozen), Poland (Filmpoint Group), Hungary (Mozi Net), Romania (Independenta Film), Former Yugoslavia (Megacom), Czech Republic (Film Distribution Artcam Spol), and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Black Hand).

Deals are currently being negotiated for North America, Korea, UK, Taiwan and Latin America.

As previously reported, ARP acquired all rights for France prior to the Cannes Film Festival with distribution also secured in Benelux with Cineart and Scandinavia with Angel Film.

Borgman marks the first Dutch film to be selected for Cannes Competition in nearly 40 years. Fortissimo handles all rights outside Benelux and Scandinavia.

Fortissimo CEO Michael J Werner said: “We had total confidence that this film would appeal to audiences and critics across the world. The fantastic Cannes screening proved that and these worldwide sales have emphasized it. We look forward to closing out deals with the rest of the world in the coming weeks.”

Borgman is a dark fable about the Devil visiting an arrogant middle-class family. The cast features Jan Bijvoet, Annet Malherbe and Eva van de Wijdeven.

Marc van Warmerdam produces. The film was co-produced by Graniet Film (Netherlands), Belgium Epidemic and Danish Angel Films and is supported by the film funds of the Netherlands, Flanders and Denmark and by Eurimages.

Fortissimo has a long relationship with the van Warmerdam brothers, working with them for nearly 20 years.