Another fine weekend for Universal’s popular animation saw it trump the double horror threat of Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw 3D and boost its running total to $235.4m. Lionsgate reported a preliminary $11.5m haul for Saw 3D from 22 territories

Despicable Me grossed $22.8m through UPI from 4,850 sites in 47 territories and benefited from a solid debut in Japan that brought in $2.7m from 224 in second place behind new local entry SP The Motion Picture.

In other highlights, the family film opened top in Belgium on a terrific $1.2m from 123. France was the top holdover on a magnificent $6.9m from 650, climbing 117% in its fourth weekend due to school holidays for a $23.4m running total.

The UK returned a strong $4.5m third weekend hold in second place behind Saw 3D for $24.3m. A further $1.6m in Germany from 572 boosted the tally to $23.3m after five, while Italy generated $1.4m from 510 for $12m and Spain produced $1.2m from 429 for $11.4m.

Horror thriller Julia’s Eyes (Los Ojos De Julia) opened top in Spain on $1.9m from 360. Universal also holds rights in France, where it opens on December 22 and Latin America, which kicks off in Mexico on February 4, 2011.

The Kids Are All Right opened in the UK on $625,000 from 202 and is set to launch through Universal in South Africa (November 12), Germany (November 18) and Austria (November 19).    

Charlie St Cloud grossed $500,000 from 800 venues in 19 territories for a total of $12.9m, while Senna, the documentary from Working Title and Midfield Films about the late Brazilian Formula One champion Ayrton Senna, added $52,000 from 23 in its fourth weekend in Japan for $967,000. It opens in Brazil on November 12.

  • The Social Network brought in a further $14m through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) from 2,990 screens in 50 markets to elevate the running total to $51m.

The Mark Zuckerberg drama delivered in Australia, opening on $2.7m from 284 screens. It held well in the third weekend in France where $2.1m from 380 raised the tally to $9.8m, and added $1.6m in the UK from 418 for $12.3m after three, ranking fifth. Germany has generated $8.4m after four and Spain $4.4m after three.

The Social Network opened in second place in Russia on $1.7m from 274. In several other notable launches, it ranked second in Belgium on $550,000 from 41, second in Greece on $475,000 from 60, top in Singapore on 4350,000 from 28, top in Israel on $235,000 from 20. It opened in Holland on $465,000 from 75 screens.

Eat Pray Love grossed $4.9m from 2,830 in 70 markets for $108.8m. In Australia the drama added $700,000 from 306 for $10.2m after four weekends. It stands at $12.4m in Germany after six and $8.9m in Brazil after five.

The Other Guys added $3.3m from 1,198 in 40 for $41.6m, buoyed by a $2.1m debut in France from 209. Australia has returned $9.5m after eight weeks. Resident Evil: Afterlife has amassed $216.9m through all distributors and $173.1m from SPRI markets.

Salt opened in fourth place in Italy on $1m from 297 and stands at $173.2m overall, while Open Season 3 added $1m in its second weekend in Russia for $3.8m. Easy A arrived in Spain on $635,000 from 223 and has grossed an early $7.2m internationally.

  • Paramount’s horror release Paranormal Activity 2 climbed to $46m through PPI after a Halloween weekend haul of $14m from 2,723 venues in 27 territories. The film opened in six territories including Hong Kong, where it grossed $110,000 from 30 locations.

Elsewhere, there were big holds in the UK, where it grossed $3m from 296 for $13.1m after two weekends, and France, where $1.6m from 202 raised the tally to $4.8m after two. The horror film held on to top spot in Mexico on $1.6m from 437 for $4.5m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind delivered excellent number one launches in Russia and Ukraine, grossing $7.3m in total from 712 sites.

The 3D animated film opened in Russia on $6.6m from 616 and took $733,000 from 96 in Ukraine. The film opens in North America this week.

Jackass 3D kicked off its international roll-out with a $4.2m haul from 439 locations in six territories. It opened top in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria on $2.6m from 304, $1m from 66 and $453,000 from 53, respectively. The film arrives next weekend in the UK, Australia and France.

The Last Airbender grossed $761,000 from 436 sites in 62 territories for $185.5m.

  • Summit International reported that the graphic novel adaptation Red is active in 27 territories and brought in $8.9m from 2,314 sites for $27.6m after three weekends.

The film opened in second place in Germany on $2.1m from 514 locations and ranked second in Australia on $1.7m from 225. Red held well in the UK and added $1.9m.

  • Saw 3D opened day-and-date with North America in around 22 territories and Lionsgate announced an $11.5m haul based on reports from distributors that had come in by Sunday.

The headline was record franchise debuts in the UK, Hong Kong and Sweden and Finland, led by a $5.3m UK launch from 383 cinemas that delivered 30% more than any previous release in the seven-film series.

Lionsgate UK claimed this was also the biggest opening weekend for an 18 certified horror film, beating 2000’s Scary Movie, and the sixth biggest launch for an 18 certified release.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International’s Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole added $8.9m from 5,200 screens in 56 markets for a $65.8m overseas running total.

The animated family adventure touched down in France on $2.2mfrom 519 screens including previews, $1.1m in South Korea from 202 in third place, and $558,500 in Italy from 275.

In two notable second weekend holds, the film added $975,000 in the UK from 482 sites for $3.9m and $970,000 in Spain from 323 for $2.2m. Latest figures put Guardians on $8.8m in Russia after five weekends, $6.7m in Brazil after four, $6.2m in Mexico after four, $4.3m in Australia after five, $3m in Germany after three and $2.3m in Japan after five.

Heist drama The Town added $6m from 2,410 screens in 40 markets for $42.5m and opened in second place in Spain on $1.4m from 224 screens, $459,000 in Mexico from 283 and $236,000 in Brazil from 51.

Russia has generated $1.6m after two weekends, France $8.8m after seven, the UK $7.8m after six and Australia $5.4m after three.

Comedy Life As We Know It added $5.8m from 2,090 screens in 27 markets for $26.9m. It grossed $1.2m in Australia from 256 in the second weekend for $3.8m and $1.1m in Germany from 403 for $3.5m after the same amount of time. The UK stands at $5.2m after four, Mexico $2.7m after three, Russia $2.4m after three, Brazil $1.6m after three and Holland $1.4m after three.

  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps earned a further $4.5m for Fox International the weekend as the running total hit $70m. Knight And Day has reached $22m in Japan and $181m overall. Vampires Suck grossed $996,000 for $40m.
  • Toy Story 3 stands at $646.8m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and ranks as the eighth biggest international title in history, while the $1,060.3m global tally means it is the company’s second biggest worldwide achiever behind Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and the fifth biggest in industry.

The Sorcerer’s Apprenticestands at $152m and comedy You Again has grossed $4m from early stages.