Due Date dominated the Hollywood releases overseas thanks to an estimated $21.5m launch on 4,000 screens in 36 countries that went out day-and-date with North America.

The result compares favourably with the $21.7m launch for Todd Phillips’ previous comedy The Hangover in the same markets and was led by a table-topping $3.8m UK debut from 450 venues.

The film took $3.8m in second place in Russia from 543 screens and opened top in Germany on $3.6m from 519 screens. Elsewhere it opened second in Spain on $1.5m from 301 screens and top in Mexico on $1.3m from 611 screens.

Legend Of The Guardians:The Owls Of Ga’Hoole added $4.2m from more than 4,000 screens in 55 markets for $74.5m and has grossed $8.6m in Russia after six weekends, $7.2m in Brazil after five and $4.4m in the UK after three.

Life As We Know It generated $3.9m from approximately 2,000 screens in 30 markets for $34m and has produced $5.5m in the UK after five.

The Town stands at $49.3m after adding a further $3.5m from more than 1,700 screens in 40 markets for $49.3m and has amassed $9m in France after eight and $8m in the UK after seven.

Jackass 3D grossed $12.5m through PPI from 1,482 sites in 14 markets for $18.8m, which means it has already beaten the international tallies of Jackass The Movie ($15m) and Jackass Two ($12.5m) after only ten days of release in 14 markets.

Leading the way was a number one launch in Australia on $3.7m from 164 locations, a $2.6m debut in the UK from 274 locations and $1.7m from 165 in France. Spain generated $575,000 for the weekend, more than double the gross of Jackass Two and five times that of the original movie.

There was a strong hold in Germany as the film added $1.9m from 339 in its second weekend for $5.7m. The Netherlands also held very well, dropping off 25% on $685,000 for $1.9m. The film opens next in Mexico and Brazil on Nov 12.

Paranormal Activity 2 had another excellent weekend and grossed $11.6m from 3,490 locations in 37 territories for $66m. It opened in Germany on  $2.1m from 519 venues. Highlights include a $1.2m gross in the UK for $15.7m and $950,000 in Mexico for $6.7m. The film opens in Greece and Norway next weekend with Japan still to come in February 2012.

  • DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind opened day-and-date with North America in an additional five markets through PPI, adding $8.2m from 1,093 sites in 12 overall for an early $18.6m.

The biggest contribution came from an excellent second week hold in Russia, where the film remained at number one on $5.1m from 691 locations for $14.6m. The blue fiend debuted in Singapore on $1m from 57 sites, Malaysia on $561,000 from 66 and the Philippines on $508,000 from 90. Megamind rolls out in most major European markets in early December.

  • Despicable Me ruled the international arena last weekend but it had to settle for third place this time round. The animated hit has crossed $500m worldwide and grossed $11.8m from 4,300 sites in 45 territories for an excellent $256.2m. The worldwide tally is $504.5m.

The film opened in Hungary on $422,000 from 39 and added $2m in France from 625 for $25.9m after five weekends. The UK tally is $25.5m after four.

Julia’s Eyes (Los Ojos De Julia), Universal’s Spanish co-production with Antenna 3, is the top film in Spain for the second week in a row, staying ahead of Due Date as $1.7m from 360 boosted the early tally to $5m. Universal opens it in France on December 22 and Latin America kicks off in Mexico on February 4, 2011.

Devil has grossed $13.9m, The Kids Are All Right has grossed $1.6m in the UK after two weekends, while the 25th anniversary re-releases of Back To The Future opened in Mexico on $260,000 from 87 venues. Working Title and Midfield Films’ documentary Senna — about the late Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna — has taken $1.1m in Japan after five weekends.

  • Summit International’s graphic novel adaptation Red added $9.5m from 2,380 sites in 37 territories as the early running total climbed to $42.6m. Distributors reported strong holds in the UK, Germany and Australia.

Fair Game opened in six markets day-and-date with North American and took in $1.9m from 412 screens for an early $3.2m running total.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opened in its final market of Japan, grossing $1.2m. The international tally has reached $394m.

  • The Social Network added $9.1m through Sony Pictures Releasing Intentional (SPRI) from 3,050 screens in 54 territories as the running total climbed to $66.1m. Highlights came from Australia, where the film held in second place on $2.1m for $5.8m after two weekends. Russia, France and the UK all added over $900,000 to reach $3.4m after two, $11.4m after four and $14.3m after four, respectively.

Eat Pray Love grossed $3.2m from 2,393 in 69 for $115m – Australia stands at $10.9m after five weekends and Germany has generated $12.9m after seven – and The Other Guys climbed to $44.6m on the back of a $1.7m weekend haul from 900 in 36.

  • Lionsgate reported Saw 3D grossed a preliminary $8.3m for $26.3m after two weekends.
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s comedy You Again added $500,000 for $4.9m after several weekends. Toy Story 3 stands at $647.7m and is the eighth biggest international release in history and the fifth worldwide as it stands on $1.061bn.
  • Fox International’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps rang up another $2.1m for $75m. The film has three more markets to open with the final one being in Japan in February 2011.

Knight And Day has grossed $25.7m in Japan after five weekends and totals $183.6m overall internationally.Vampires Suck has reached $41.6m.