The LA-based company will seek to tempt buyers with a new slate that includes the world war II epic Lidice and horror tale 6 Degree Of Hell.

Lidicestars Karl Roden and recounts the true story of the Czech town of the same name that was burned to the ground by the Nazis in retribution for the killing of a Nazi soldier by Resistance fighters.

6 Degree Of Hell stars Cory Feldman and centres on a group of friends who awaken an evil presence in a circus funhouse.

Hell Beast: The Ascension is a sci-fi adventure about a police detective played by Corbin Bernson who makes the connection between a spate of suicides and evil underworld creatures.

Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island is based on the famous novel of the same name while UK action title Money Kills follows a detective who comes out of retirement to avenge his friend’s brutal abduction.

Fabrication’s svp Miriam Elchanan and director of acquisitions William Barrantes negotiated the acquisitions.