Twentieth Century Fox and digital delivery company SmartJog have signed a non-exclusive agreement for satellite distribution of Fox’s digital films to European theatres.

SmartJog is a subsidiary of TDF subsidiary and provides bespoke digital services including satellite transmission, network monitoring, traffic supervision and storage.

The company currently has more than 160 cinemas and 800 screens connected to its pan-European network and recently completed deployment deals with the Europalaces and Kinepoli theatre circuits.

“With the rapidly increasing footprint of digital projection systems, 2D and 3D, coupled with emerging electronic distribution platforms, SmartJog has taken a leadership role toward providing a more efficient electronic delivery methodology which we believe will ultimately dominate the means by which movies are delivered to theatres worldwide,” Fox’s executive vice-president of digital exhibition and non-theatrical sales and distribution Julian Levin said.

“As the cinema world continues the transition to an all-digital workflow, Fox’s selection of SmartJog as an electronic delivery method to cinemas, showcases their leadership role in the digital cinema community,” CEO Julien Seligmann said.