EXCLUSIVE: Japan’s Free Stone Productions is launching sales at Filmart on Yuya Ishii’s human drama Endroll, Masahide Ichii’s comedy Blindly In Love [pictured] and Katsuya Matumura’s contemporary art biopic Tenshin.

A winner of Wowow’s annual script contest in Japan, Endroll was previously made into a TV drama. Starring Shido Nakamura, Masato Hagiwara and Yuka Itaya, the film about male friendship is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Yuya Ishii whose credits include Mistuko Delivers.

With rising star Gen Hoshino (actor, poet, musician and writer) in the lead, Blindly In Love is about a reclusive man in his 30s who falls in love for the first time with a blind girl whose father is opposed to their relationship. Starlet and fashion model Kaho (A Gentle Breeze In The Village) co-stars. The film, directed by Masahide Ichii (Naked of Defenses) is set for release June 8 nationwide in Japan.

Starring Naoto Takenaka and Shido Nakamura, Tenshin is based on the true story of Japanese contemporary art expert Tenshin Okamura.