Gangster Exchange, the action comedy that is being sold overseas by Toronto-based Cinemavault, has been set for a December 3 US release on a minimum 200 screens through LA-based distributor Good New Movies.

Christopher Russell, Nobuya Shimamoto, Sarain Boylan, Steve Park and Walter Alza star in Dean Bajramovic’s feature directorial debut about a mission to smuggle pure heroin into New York.

Cinemavault has closed further sales on the title, with rights going to Horizon for Turkey, IPA for Thailand, ETV for South Africa and Falcon Films and Daxar/Virgin for the Middle East. 

The sales company is in active negotiations with distributors in Japan and Latin America.

“I was blown away when I first saw Gangster Exchange at the Beverly Hills Film Festival,” Good New Movies CEO Arthur Menaldi said. “The hip comedy and quick action nailed our under-25 college demographic perfectly.”