Relativity’s fantasy generated a notable first wave of launches outside North America, combining with the number one domestic debut for a $71.3m worldwide opening weekend.

The film grossed approximately $38m from more than 35 countries, mostly through Lionsgate and output partners as well as four Universal territories.

Immortals, which cost approximately $75m and stars a panoply of global talent old and new including Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, John Hurt, Luke Evans and Kellan Lutz, grossed $8.5m in a number one debut in Russia through MGN and $5.5m in China in the first release through SkyLand, Relativity’s jointly owned venture with IDG and Saif Partners.

Elsewhere it debuted on $4.5m in South Korea through NEXT, $3.1m in Germany through Constantin and $1m in Turkey through Aqua Pinema.

Universal territories accounted for $5.7m from 780 sites, led by $3.6m number one debut in the UK from 427 and a number four launch in Japan on $1.8m from 322.

The Adventures Of Tintin was left to savour second place after a terrific ride at number one for several weekends. The family animation brought in a further confirmed $27.5m from 7,189 screens in 50 markets – mostly through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) with several Paramount Pictures International (PPI) markets in play at this early relatively early stage.

The film’s international running total stands at $160.7m. SPRI markets accounted for $21.1m of the weekend haul and $136.1m of the overall tally, while PPI, yet to open most of its markets, generated $5.1m over the weekend for s $23m running total, of which $20.3m has come from the UK in three weeks.

SPRI’s biggest market was France, where Tintin ranks number two and added $6.1m from 863 in the third weekend for a formidable $47.5m. Spain was next as Tintin held on to number one and grossed $2.7m from 790 for $20.8m after three.

SPRI reported that PPI generated a further $2.5m from 507 screens in the UK, where the adventure ranks number three. The distributor’s new markets this weekend were Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The highlights were Singapore on $828,854 from 57 and Malaysia on $420,364 from 105.

Overall drops have been fairly low: 27% in France, 45% in Spain, 26% in the UK and 42% in Belgium, where Tintin has amassed $7.5m after three.

Moneyball brought in $3.6m from 782 in 10 for an early $7.3m and the Brad Pitt drama launched in Japan on $1.8m from 329 and Australia on $1.4m from 218.

Arthur Christmas, the Aardman Animation and Columbia Pictures Animation collaboration, got off to an excellent start in its first marker as it arrived at number one in the UK on $3.4m from 871. The Adam Sandler comedy vehicle Jack And Jill opened in Mexico and Colombia on $2.7m from 720 screens, taking first place in Mexico on $2.5m from 622 and first place in Colombia on $175,000 from 60.

Anonymous added $1.6m from 755 in 15 for $2.9m and launched in Germany at number nine on $860,000 from 322.

Real Steel stands at $147.5m after six weekends through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and added $12m from 41 territories over the weekend.

Highlights so far are a $19.7m haul from Russia, $19.3m from South Korea, $13.1m from Mexico, $11.3m from Australia, $9m from China and $8.7m from France. The UK has generated $7.3m.

The Lion King 3D grossed $4.8m from 40 territories and has reached $58.6m. The UK is the lead territory on $19.1m.

DreamWorks’ The Help added $1.9m for $25.7m The top markets are Australia on $8m, the UK on $4.9m and France on $4.2m.

Fox International reported another robust weekend for New Regency’s In Time as it added a confirmed $8.9m from 3,346 screens in 53 markets for a $54.2m running total.

The sci-fi thriller held well in its second weekend in the UK and added $1.5m from 432 for $5.8m after a slight 20% drop and grossed $1.2m in Australia from 262 following a 26% fall for $6.8m. Russia produced $1.4m from 596 for $13.5m and remains the lead market. Upcoming debuts for In Time include France, Germany, Spain and Japan.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes has crossed $300m and stands at $301.5m thanks to a $1.5m weekend haul on 1,493 in four. China and Japan have generated $27.5m after three weekends and $30.5m after six, respectively.

Taiwanese hit You Are The Apple Of My Eye has reached $20.6m and opened in Singapore on $543,746 from 94 and Malaysia on $387,572 from 24. It stayed top in Hong Kong for the fourth weekend in a row as $6964364 boosted the tally to $6.8m.

Universal’s comedy caper Tower Heist grossed a confirmed $7.6m through UPI from 8,800 sites in 36 territories as the running total climbed to $20.7m. It opened in 14 territories and the UK is the top holdover on $1.4m from 410 for $4.8m.

Johnny English Reborn added $3.9m from 3,400 sites in 57 territories for an impressive $146.4m and stands at $31.5m in the UK after six weekends. There are six territories go to including Japan.

PPI’s Paranormal Activity 3 grossed a confirmed $6.4m from 2,767 venues in 44 countries reported for $87.9m. The biggest contribution came from Germany where the horror held on to the number two spot on $2m from 286 sites for $5.7m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots grossed $6.2m from 1,190 in four for an early $49.8m tally. Russia generated $4m from 997 for an extraordinary $43m after three weekends. Footloose stands at $10.7m from 19 countries reported.

Contagion brought in a confirmed $6.5m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 2,375 screens in 43 markets for $54m. It opened in France on $3m from 377 and Japan on $993,000 from 241.

The Three Musketeers stands at $107.3m following a $3.1m weekend through Summit International licensees.

StudioCanal reported a $433,928 debut in the UK for The Awakening and said Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy had amassed $21.5m after nine weeks in the UK.

The thriller Abduction has amassed $52.6m through Lionsgate.