Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 surged towards $200m in its second weekend as an estimated $57.2m from 10,774 sites in 61 territories boosted the tally to $194m.

Approximately $190.2m of that running total has come from Paramount territories, and combined with the number one #133.6m North American launch the global tally stands at $327.6m after less than two weeks. The biggest individual total came from China, where the film launched top on $7.3m from around 3,000 venues.

The action sequel also opened at number one in Turkey thanks to $666,000 from 126 locations. In Germany and Austria, where Concorde is distributing, the picture opened top on $3.3m and $575,000, respectively.

Iron Man 2 dropped off in the region of 50-60% in most of its major markets and held on to number one in the UK, which led the second weekend holdovers on $4.9m from 426 after a 53% fall for $23m. Despite a 57% tumble in South Korea it stayed top there too on $4.7m from 834 for $22m.

Australia fell 53% and generated a further $4.2m from 252 for $15.4m, while France delivered $4m from 655 for a number one hold, raising the running total to $13.8m after a 55% fall.

Russia added $3.3m from 650, down 60%, for $14.6m, Brazil grossed $2.8m from 351, down 43% for $9.5m, and Mexico added $2.6m from 493, down 63% for $13.3m.

Disney owns Marvel Studios, although Paramount handles the worldwide distribution of Iron Man 2 pursuant to a prior arrangement,

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon grossed $4.5m from 4,249 in 60 territories for $212m, and Shutter Islandadded $850,000 for $166.5m. Of this total, the 50 territories where Paramount is distributing contributed $776,000 from 729 locations for $124m.

  • Alice In Wonderland is closing on a $1bn worldwide after it grossed a further $12.5m overseas through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 5,946 theatres in 54 territories for $629.5m after ten weekends.

It is now the tenth biggest international release in history and should overtake Harry Potter 5 and 6 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 within the next week to rank seventh. The worldwide tally stands at $960.3m.

Japan, Brazil and Spain accounted for roughly 80% of weekend business. In Japan, Alice stayed top for the fourth weekend in a row and added $5m for $89m, which in US dollar terms is bigger than each of Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3.

Both Brazil and Spain posted resilient third and fourth weekend holds and reclaimed the top spot in their respective charts after overtaking Iron Man 2 in its second weekend. Brazil generated $2.7m for $17.9m and Alice is Johnny Depp’s biggest film there, while Spain delivered $2.2m for $24.8m.

  • Clash Of The Titans grossed a further $8.8m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 7,200 screens in 61 territories, raising the running total to $295.1m, of which roughly 65% or $192m comes from 3D screens. The UK stands at $30.1m after six weekends, China $25m after four, Russia $24.6m after five, Australia $17.5m after six, and France $17.3m after five.

A Nightmare On Elm Street opened on 1,200 screens in ten markets for $6.7m. The horror remake opened top in Russia ahead of Iron Man 2 on $3.2m from 525, second in the UK on $2.2m from 354, and grossed $602,000 in Brazil from 150.

  • Fox International’s Date Night grossed $4.7m from around 2,750 screens in 50 markets for a $41.7m running total. The action comedy opened in eight, led by $764,000 in Italy from 224 screens, and $534,000 in Spain from 340.

Hot Tub Time Machine launched in the UK in third place on $1.5m from 392 locations, and stands at $1.9m in Australia. The comedy’s running total is $4.9m. Avatar added $1.1m from 412 screens in 15 markets and is $20m shy of $2bn now on $1.98bn.

  • The Back-Up Plan added $4.3m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 1,360 screens in 24 markets for an early $6.6m running total.

The romantic comedy scored the biggest opening weekend for Jennifer Lopez in Russia on $1.1m from 254, and secured fifth place in the UK on a little under $1.1m from 294. It also opened in Spain on $950,000 from 371. The Bounty Hunter added $1.9m from 1,515 in 61 territories for $64.5m.

  • Universal/UPI’s family title Nanny Mcphee And The Big Bang grossed $1.2m from 2,100 venues in 23 territories for a solid $52m including $4m from France, where StudioCanal is releasing. The UK grossed has generated $24.5m after seven weekends, and Australia stands at $7.6m, Germany $3.4m, Spain $3.4m and Mexico $2.2m. There are 29 territories to open over the next few months.

Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur), Universal’s co-production with Quad, ranks tenth in its eighth weekend in France, where it added $750,000 from 400 for an excellent $25.5m. Green Zone stands at $51.4m including France, Italy and South Korea, where the film is released by third parties. The Universal total is $38m and the next opening is Japan on May 14.

Kick-Ass grossed $700,000 from 684 sites in Universal’s six territories for $25.3m. The action film has grossed $17.5m in the UK after six weekends and $1.5m in Germany after three. Australia has generated $5.4m after five. 

Robin Hood opens next weekend in 56 territories day-and-date with North America and is the opening night film at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 12.

  • Summit International’s Furry Vengeance opened in four this weekend including the UK and Italy and grossed $4m from 1,067 screens in five markets overall.