Sheffield-based Showroom Cinema has set up a new UK distribution arm, Showcomotion Films, to concentrate on children’s cinema from around the world.

Showcomotion’s first release, on which it is partnering with sales company Delphis, is Olivier Ringer’s On The Sly (A Pas du Loup), is out in British cinemas next week.

The aim is to target releases during British school holidays and half-terms.

Showcomotion Films is an offshoot of the Showcomotion Festival for kids and young people which runs this year from May 25-June 3.

“We’ve been frustrated by the lack of choice in children’s films during the rest of the year. There are a lot of good quality films that never get shown in the UK,” commented Ian Wild the CEO of the Showroom Workstation of the rationale behind the new initiative.

On The Sly is is a fantasy/adventure story of a 6-year-old girl who believes her parents don’t care about her, so she decides to disappear. It has screened widely on the international festival circuit and won the Children’s Audience Award at the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival.

Showcomotion has dubbed the film into English to make it more accessible.

Showroom is a founding member of the CAV Network (Cross Art Form Venues Network.) CAV has provided support toward the first release.

If On The Sly is a success, Showcomotion aims to distribute further independent films for kids and young people in the British market.

“What we are talking about now is finding other films we can bring into the UK,” said Wild. “We think the key to building audiences is having regular programming of suitable material.”