National Geographic Entertainment’s Cinema Ventures (NGCV) group has acquired the prehistoric adventure documentary Flying Monsters3D from Atlantic Productions in association with Sky 3D.

The film transports audiences into an environment inhabited by pterosaurs, ancient airborne vertebrates with a wingspan up to 45 feet that lived alongside dinosaurs.

Anthony Geffen produced and the renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough narrates the project, which is scheduled to launch around the world in 2011.

The producers say they were using the same state-of-the-art 3D CGI technology demonstrated in Avatar and will also employ pioneering scientific techniques that reveal new discoveries about the giraffe-sized pterosaurs.

“We have high hopes that Flying Monsters will build on the soaring box office success of Sea Monsters,” NGCV president of distribution Mark Katz said, referring to the 3D and 2D documentary produced by NGCV in 2007.

“With a pterosaur’s eye-view of a hyper-real prehistoric Earth in 3D CGI, our audience will see the challenges of survival, including courtship, flying and hunting,” Geffen said.