Paranormal Activity 2 dominated the overseas arena as the opening wave of releases through Paramount / PPI produced $22.2m according to revised figures issued on Monday [25], knocking Universal’s Despicable Me off its perch. Universal chiefs won’t mind too much as they revealed the company’s combined overseas box office was poised to cross $1bn on October 24.

The horror sequel Paranormal Activity 2 opened in 21 markets in 2,752 sites and raced to number one in the UK on $6.3m from 392 venues, more than doubling the original’s debut. It opened top in Australia on $2.7m from 179, top in Mexico on $1.9m from 450 and grossed $2.5m in France from 199.

In Russia the horror sequel took the number one slot with $1.8m from 360 locations, while Italy generated $1.5m from 450, South Korea $1.3m from 167 and Spain $1.1m from 203. PPI will roll out the film in more than 30 markets in the coming weeks.

The Last Airbender is coming to the end of its international run and grossed $510,246 from 550 in 61 for $184.5m. Greece is the final market to release the film next weekend. Dinner For Schmucks stands at $12.6m and Made In Dagenham has taken $4.8m. Tomorrow When The War Began stands at $13.4m

  • Universal top brass are enjoying a good run and as mentioned previously, they project revenues for the year-to-date to cross $1bn today [24].

Key to all this has been the terrific performance of Despicable Me, which added a further $19.8m through from 4,800 sites in 39 territories for $198.1m and will cross $200m early on Monday [25]. The popular animation opened top in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Slovakia.

The UK was the top holdover on $4.3m from 520 venues for $12.2m. The film took over the number one spot on Saturday before relinquishing the weekend crown to Paranormal Activity 2.

Italy added $3.1m from 505 dates for $9.3m after ten days, while Germany returned a number one finish for the fourth week in a row as $3m from 738 boosted the account to $21.3m. France added $3m from 650 for $14.1m after three weekends, while a further $1.5m in Spain from 285 elevated the tally to $10.1m after three. There are five more territories to open including Japan and Belgium this week.  

13, a thriller Universal is distributing in Russia through its deal with Leopolis, had an excellent opening in fourth place on $1.2m from 288.

Charlie St Cloud stands at $12m, The American on $6.2m from Universal’s markets of Argentina, Spain and Italy, while Senna, a Working Title and Midfield Films documentary about the Brazilian Formula One world champion who was killed at the age of 34, has taken $830,000 from Japan. It opens in Brazil on November 12. Devil has grossed $12.6m from 18 territories so far and is set to arrive in 30 more in the next two months.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Eat Pray Love crossed $100m after grossing a further $8.1m from 3,948 screens in 71 for $100.4m. The drama added $1.2m in Australia from 330 for $8.9m after three weekends and has amassed $11.6m in Germany after five and $8m in Brazil after four. 

The biggest haul from a Sony film at the weekend came from The Social Network, which brought in $9.9m from 1,767 screens in 25 markets to boost the early tally to $32.1m. The UK led the way with a $2.4m hold from 437 that elevated the running total to $8.5m after two weekends, while France produced $2.5m in the second weekend from 342 for $6.9m.

Spain has generated $3.4m after two and Germany $7.4m after three. In a pair of Scandinavian triumphs, the film opened top in Sweden on $399,104 from 64 and top in Norway on $361,506 from 51.

Resident Evil: Afterlife has been a juggernaut overseas and added $3m through all distributors as the cumulative score went up to $213.2m, of which $170.7m comes from Sony markets. The Other Guys has reached $37.5m and Easy A is in early days on $5.6m .

  • Fox International’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps earned $9.6m for a $62.5m running total. Of the four new opening markets, Germany reaped the most with $2.3m in second place, while Italy produced $1.6m and South Korea $979,258. In its second weekend in China the film rang up another $1.3m for $4.6m.

Knight And Day held on to second place in Japan on $2.1m for an excellent $18.5m after three weekends. The overall weekend take was $2.2m and the international tally stands at of $177.6m. Vampires Suck has grossed $38.4m and the latest figure for Avatar is $2.021bn.

  • Life As We Know It took in $8.5m over the weekend through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from 2,446 screens in 22 territories as the running total leaped to $17.9m.

The comedy launched in Germany on $2m from 403 including previews and took $1.9m in Australia from 256. Leading the holdover charge in the second weekend were Mexico with $620,000 from 380 for $2m, Russia on $493,000 from 348 for $2m and Brazil on $530,000 from 150 for $1.1m. The UK has generated $4.6m after three.

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole grossed $8.3m from roughly 4,600 screens in 54 markets for $53.6m. The skies came alive in Spain where a solid maiden voyage delivered $1.1m from 323 and the UK generated $1.2m from 550. Germany stands at $2.6m after two weekends and Russia has produced $8.5m after four, while Brazil has delivered $6.2m after three.

WBPI’s The Town added $5.8m from more than 1,800 screens in 31 territories and has amassed $34.4m. The heist thriller debuted in Russia on $817,000 from 279. Australia has generated $4.2m after two weekends, France $8.2m after six, and the UK $7.5m after five. Inception stands at $524.5m.

Summit International’s thriller Red grossed $7.1m from 1,804 venues in 19 territories for an early $15.3m running total. The UK debut generated $2.7m from 403. It opens next weekend in German-speaking Europe.

  • Toy Story 3 added $400,000 through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International for $646.1m and is a mere $100,000 away from overtaking Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix to become the seventh biggest international release in history. The global tally is $1.059bn.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice added $300,000 for $151.6m, while comedy You Again grossed $100,000 for an early $3.6m.