Phase 4 Films has acquired North American rights to a trio of Uwe Boll features.

The first, Darfur, marks a departure for the German director more commonly known for genre fare like BloodRayne and Alone In The Dark.

Billy Zane, Edward Furlong and frequent Boll collaborator Kristanna Loken star in the drama about Western journalists in Sudan who are torn between reporting on an impending atrocity and saving their own lives.

Darfur is supported by a screening programme with Amnesty International and Phase 4 Films plans a summer theatrical release.

Horror thriller The Final Storm pairs Lauren Holly and Luke Perry and takes place amid a series of meteorological catastrophes that may presage the end of days.

Rampage with Brendan Fletcher and Shaun Sipos is a revenge tale about a man who builds full body armour from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree.

“This new slate of films from Uwe Boll ranges from the high-octane action you expect from him to a serious drama. Uwe’s genre bending approach to film-making guarantees each film will find an eager audience,” Phase 4 president and CEO Berry Meyerowitz said.

“I am thrilled that my films have a home with Phase 4,” Boll said. “These are three distinct and unique films, and I am looking forward to collaborating with Phase 4 to market each one.”