Fandango Portobello has closed a number of deals on Matteo Garrone’s Cannes competition entry Reality.

The Grand Prix winner has sold to Spain (Wanda Vision), Australia (Curious), Portugal (Midas Filmes), Russia (Cinema Prestige), Former Yugoslavia (Demiurg), Brazil (Mares Film), Greece (Seven Films), Poland (Film Point Group) and Hungary (Suez).

Oscilloscope previously picked up US rights and will release early 2013.

Reality charts a Neapolitan fishmonger’s quest to get on Big Brother.

Janine Gold, head of Fandango Portobello said: “We have had a wonderful experience working on this film. Visually dazzling, it is rich in film history and cultural comment. Through complex layers of empathy and satire, it defines the state of contemporary society and the impact of reality TV on people’s lives and aspirations. It should spark debate and reflection as it rolls out to wider audiences”. 

Domenico Procacci of Fandango and Matteo Garrone for Archimede produce with Rai Cinema. Le Pacte co-produces and will also distribute in France.

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