Robbie Little’s The Little Film Company and an alliance of European producers have formed Rialto International and will be at the EFM to meet with potential partners.

The German-based entity includes Rialto Film owners the Wendlandt family, Italy-based producer Keith Rotman, New York-based German producer Olivier Thau and Italian producer Alessandro Fracassi.

Little arrives with UrbanExplorer and zombie film War of The Dead, among other projects.

Rialto International will serve as a one-stop shop that will offer packaging and production services, sales representation, gap finance and regional European money. The entity also has an affiliation with a Belgian producer enabling it to take advantage of Belgian funding incentives.

“This is an attempt to get more producers working together to pool their resources and build together, rather than acting independently,” Little said. “Today the problem isn’t selling the film; it’s having the right film to sell.”

“With our expertise and financial wherewithal we can be a catalyst to other producers,” Rotman said. “Each one helps another and through that you can put things together. You need that today. Sales are of the utmost importance: you need an output if you’re not a studio.”