EXCLUSIVE: Sarah McCarthy’s film is about a Russian orphan learning to love her adoptive parents.

Annie Roney’s ro*co films international has taken on international sales for Sarah McCarthy’s documentary The Dark Matter of Love.

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The Dark Matter of Love

The story is about an 11-year-old Russian girl, Masha, who learns to love her adoptive American family thanks to decades of scientific research by Dr Robert Marvin.

Roney said: “We are delighted to be taking out Sarah McCarthy’s latest film, The Dark Matter of Love. This film has it all: excellent production values, memorable characters, a compelling narrative with twists and turns - including loads of fascinating family dynamics and dysfunction - and an undercurrent of science brought to us not by title cards or voice over but by clever use of archive footage and two scientists who help the family explore the way they love each other through a scientific lens. It’s brilliant! We couldn’t take our eyes off it.”

Producers are Double Bounce in association with Front Row Partners and Met Film and in co-production with VPRO and The Wellcome Trust. Grace Hughes-Hallett produces alongside writer/director McCarthy.

In other news on the film, the team are launching a game related to the film called A Child Of Science, which will be about raising a child avatar based on the latest scientific findings about parental love (the game results can be shared on Facebook). There is also an installation planned to engage with audiences.

McCarthy previously directed The Sound of Mumbai, which had its world premiere in Toronto in 2010, Murderers on the Dancefloor and Black Widow Granny.