Scotland’s first CGI animated feature boasts the vocal talents of Sean Connery in his first voice-over role.

Director Sascha Hartmann and screenwriter Tessa Hartmann negotiated the deal with Sam Eigen and Melody Djavadi of Shoreline at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

John Fraser produced Sir Billi and Connery served as executive producer on the adventure story about a race to save the last beaver in Scotland.

“This film has a highly distinctive and original look about it; very different from the current animated fare in the market

place,” Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin said. “It’s a real heart-warming and hilarious action-packed family movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat with the most beautiful and unrivaled landscapes, breathtaking Scottish scenery, and hidden highland secrets. It’s quite the adventure.”

“This film has been a true labour of love, and something that our entire team is incredibly proud of,” Tessa Hartmann said. “We are delighted to have signed with Shoreline Entertainment, whose principals are as passionate about Sir Billi as we are. We’ve always said the movie was born in Scotland, but created for the world. Shoreline will help us realise that dream.”