John Sloss will self-distribute the Banksy documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop in the US through his fledgling Producers Distribution Agency

Sloss’ Cinetic Media represents worldwide rights to the film, which is not an easy sell because of the enigmatic UK graffiti artist’s relatively low profile overseas, and will handle the US release in consultation with distribution expert Richard Abramowitz.

Exit Through The Gift Shop will open in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on April 16. A platform release in other cities will follow a week later.

The film premiered in Sundance where it was one of the most well received at the festival. It chronicles the friendship between Banksy and Thierry Guetta, a French acolyte who gains access to the inner circle when Banksy allows himself to be filmed from behind while he works.

Over time Guetta’s ego gets the better of him and he decides to try his hand at urban art, reinventng himself as the highly derivative Mr Brainwash. Banksy, whose identity has famously never been revealed, recounts the bizarre story from beneath the shadow of his hooded top while speaking through a voice modifier.

Revolver opened it in the UK on March 5 on approximately $230,000 from 41 screens. Madman holds Australian rights and Avalon Distribution will release in Spain.