Sony launches the disaster movie 2012 across the globe this weekend in a thunderous assault echoing that unleashed by the elements in Roland Emmerich’s film.

2012 opens virtually everywhere day-and-date with North America and is almost guaranteed to usurp stablemate This Is It as the number one film overseas. Sources said the film, starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet, had opened strongly in its first seven territories however they were not at liberty to reveal early grosses.

On the subject of This Is It, Sony announced today that the Michael Jackson tribute film had crossed the $200m mark. Roughly $142m of that comes from international with the remaining $61m or so coming from North America.

Latest figures put This Is It on $27.2m in Japan, $14.3m in the UK, $12.1m in each of Germany and France, and $7.2m in Australia.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International opens A Christmas Carol n Japan, Spain and Colombia and executives will expect the film, currently on $16.6m, to surge past the $25m mark. Up has reached $368.4m while G-Force stands at $154.3m.

UPI’s Ang Lee film Taking Woodstock opens in the UK and Brazil on November 13, while Pedro Almodovar’s Broken Embraces arrives in Mexico on the same day.

Fox International’s Amelia touches down in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore on November 12 followed by the UK and Mexico on November 13.