Battle: Los Angeles added $16.2m from 7,714 screens in 55 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) as the tally climbed to $79.5m. Warner Bros had not reported weekend results at time of writing.

The action film has amassed $24.2m in China after only two weekends following a $7.4m haul from 3,968 that secured the number one ranking for the second consecutive session. The film added $1.2m from 249 in South Korea for $7.9m after three and grossed $1.2m from 331 in the second outing in Australia for $4.4m.

Latest data puts Battle: Los Angeles on $8m in Russia and $7m in the UK after three weekends, $3.1m in France and $2.8m in Brazil, both after two.

Fired up by a career-high number one launch for Adam Sandler in Russia on $4.7m from 536, Just Go With It added $9.1m from 2,286 in 37 for $62.8m. The rom-com opened debuted in France on $950,000 from 169, while another solid session in the fifth weekend in Germany added $710,000 from 498 for $10.4m.

GK FilmsThe Tourist added $1.3m in Japan from 288 in the fourth weekend for $15.7m and the international running total stands at $204.9m.

  • Rango will sweep past $100m within days after PPI reported a $15.5m weekend from 6,095 sites in 55 territories boosted the total to $94m. The animation opened top in France on $3.3m from 592 and added $3.3m from 629 in the second weekend in Russia for $9.3m. The UK and Australia have generated $9.6m and $7.7m, respectively.

No Strings Attached added $4.2m from 1,776 venues in 51 for $64.3m and the rom-com launched in Spain on $1.3m from 303.

Musical documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never grossed $2.8m from 1,410 in 26 territories for $13.6m. It opened in 12 markets including Mexico, where it grossed $623,000 from 135.

True Grit added $1.5m from 1,405 sites in 59 markets for $74.5m and held well in its second weekend in Japan on $275,000 from 39 for $915,000.

PPI launched the Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless at number one in the UK on $3.3m from 365 over five days.

  • Sucker Punch generated $7.4m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) and opened in Italy on $940,000 from 279, Spain on $733,000 from, 260, Brazil on $530,000 from 180 and Mexico on $500,000 from 275. The fantasy adventure opened top in five smaller Asian markets where it grossed $3.1m in total from 799 screens. 

The Rite added $4m from 1,920 in 40 territories for $52m, while Hall Pass climbed to $18.5m following a $28m haul from 1,400 in 23. Spanish hit Torrente 4added $3m from 634 in Spain as it stayed top for the third weekend in a row and climbed to $24m.

Red Riding Hood generated $4.2m from more than 1,200 screens in 13 territories for $11.1m and opened at number one in Australia on $1.7m from 204 and added $1.1m in Russia from 454 for $3.5m after two. Unknown has amassed $27.8m through WBPI markets.

  • UPI’s The Adjustment Bureau grossed $5.6m from 2,500 venues in 44 territories as the tally climbed to $39.7m. The sci-fi thriller opened in seven including France, where it ranked second on $2m from 394. There are 18 territories to go.

Russian title Office Romance added $2.7m from 687 in the second weekend in Russia to stand at $10.6m.

Paul grossed $2.1m from 875 in eight as the early tally climbed to $30.7m. The sci-fi homage launched in Russia in sixth place on $1.3m from 302 and stands at $23.1m in the UK after six weekends and $5.4m in France after four.

Focus title The Eagle arrived in the UK in third place on $1.7m from 435. UPI is releasing the action film in 16 territories. VIPS, from Brazil, opened in its home territory in third place on $780,000 from 180

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Gnomeo And Juliet grossed $4.6m from 1,683 screens for $24.7m. The animation opened top in German-speaking Europe, including $1.8m in Germany. Markets distributed by Pathe and its third party affiliates have grossed $40.5m thus far overseas, resulting in a $65.2m international tally.

Tangled grossed $3.6m from 2,105 screens in 33 territories for $368m. The animation stayed top in Japan for the third consecutive weekend on $2.8m for $12m.

Troubled Mars Needs Moms, which it emerged last week will launch directly on DVD in Benelux, added $3.5m from 2,058 screens for $14m.

DreamWorks’ action title I Am Number Four brought in a further $3m from 3,526 screens from 40 markets as the tally went up to $70m.

  • Fox International reported that Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son added $3m from 1,868 in 35 for $34.1m. The comedy opened in Spain in sixth place on $1m from 300 and launched top in Belgium on $314,893 from 47.

Black Swan earned a further $3.1m from 3,977 in 33 for $181.1m. The psycho-thriller added $542,406 in Spain from 253 for $12.7m after six weekends and stands at $20.8m in France after seven and $20m in Germany after 10.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader grossed $1.4m in Japan from 649 for $25.5m after five. The international running total has reached $175.7m.

  • Latest figures from FilmNation put The King’s Speech on $238.2m and Sanctum on $57.1m.