Sony’s new action release was the international champion of a torpid weekend enlivened by a smattering of milestones as Disney’s Tangled soared past $200m, Fox’s Dawn Treader crossed $250m and HP7 became the second biggest overseas performer in the franchise.

The Green Hornet played on 2,981 screens in 35 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and led the way in Germany with $4.5m number one launch from 609.

The combined allure of Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou produced number two debuts in the UK on $3.2m from 489 and France on $2.4m from 522.

Elsewhere there was a $1.4m kick-off in Spain from 431 for second place and a string of number one launches in Switzerland on $675,000 from 73, Holland on $640,000 from 93, Austria on $620,000 from 96 and Venezuela on $475,000 from 85.

SPRI top brass reported that GK Films’ The Tourist added a further $13.9m from 4,210 in 68 to boost the running total to a laudable $122m. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie stayed top in the second weekend in Russia as $2.3m from 700 raised the tally to $15.4m.

There was a $1.5m number one debut in Mexico from 351 screens and a table-topping launch in Greece on $1.1m from 80. The Tourist added $1.1m in its third weekend in Spain from 352 for $9.8m and stands at $10.7m in Germany after five weekends, $10m in Australia after four and $8.34m in the UK after six.

The musical Burlesque added $4.9m from 1,245 in 28 markets for $24.6m and opened in third place in Australia on $1.9m from 203. It has grossed $3m in Germany after two weekends and is flying in Japan on $7.5m after four.

  • Little Fockers grossed $15.2m through PPI from 5,152 sites in 53 international markets to elevate the tally to $134.5m.

The comedy opened in Italy on $3.3m from 240 sites and held well in the UK on $2.1m from 480 for $26.8m after four weekends. A further $1.2m in Australia from 264 pushed the tally to $17.8m after four.

Morning Glory grossed $4m from 1,383 in 11 for $7.2m and opened in eight markets, including a $1.1m debut in Russia from 450. Australia generated $1.1m from 219 in the second weekend for $4m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind grossed $7m from 4,262 venues in 60 for $158m and South Korea delivered the biggest result as $3m from 592 was good enough for number one.

The King’s Speech continued an extraordinary run in Australia through PPI, where the running total has reached $12m following a $1.8m haul from 105.

FilmNation handled the bulk of international sales on the film, which is a prime contender for Golden Globes tonight [16]. FilmNation will announce weekend results in the next day or two and it is understood the overall running total including Australia has crossed $25m.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s animated hit Tangled crossed $200m thanks to $15.6m over the weekend from 4,723 screens. The tally now stands at $212.5m with roughly half of the international marketplace yet to open including the UK, Spain, South Korea and Japan.

Tangled has become Disney’s 34th release to cross $200m and the company’s 19th animation to do so. It currently ranks as Disney’s 15th biggest animation and will climb considerably higher up the ladder by the end of its run.

To weekend business, where Tangled added $3.1m in Australia for $13m after two weekends and held on to top spot in Brazil as $2.3m boosted the early tally to $12.6m.

Tron: Legacy added $14.6m from 5,573 screens and made a splash in China on $8.1m. The international running total has reached $167.2m.

  • Fox International’s Gulliver’s Travels added $10.9m from 4,643 in 43 for $99.7m and opened in second place in Brazil on $2.3m from 452. The film has amassed $19.3m in the lead market of the UK after three and stands at $14.2m in Russia after two and $14.1m in Australia after four.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader added $8.9m from 5,862 screens in 66 markets to boost the tally to $258.9m. With no new releases, eyes turned to China where the biggest hold of the weekend delivered $3.6m from 900 for $12.6m after two weekends and made the film the biggest in the Narniaseries. France and the UK have generated $25.4m and $21.2m respectively after six weekends.

Love And Other Drugs looks to be in rude health after grossing $9.2m from 2,351 in 27 for an early $34.6m international running total. The film opened in eight new markets landing the number one spot in Spain on $1.3m from 300 and number two in Germany on $2m from 350. It opened in South Korea on 1.5m from 282. Unstoppable earned $4.2m for $76.3m.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is poised to become the second biggest instalment in the children’s franchise as $5.3m from more than 4,100 screens in 53 territories elevated the tally to $648m, just behind Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone on $657m.

Warner Bros Pictures International executives said the film has amassed $81.7m in the UK, $78.6m in Japan and $59.3m in Germany.

Yogi Bear grossed $5.7m from 12 markets, fuelled by a $3.9m number one launch in Australia from 379. Clint Eastwood’s supernatural drama Hereafter added $4.1m from more than 1,100 screens in 20 for $13.8m. Italy produced $1.7m from 378 for $7.3m after two weekends and Brazil stands at $1.8m and Mexico $1.4m, both also after two.

  • Universal/ UPI’s comedy The Dilemma opened day-and-date with North America in four territories and brought in $1.8m from 303 venues overall. It took $1.4m from 190 in Australia, where the Queensland floods impacted the potential result as 17 cinemas were closed.

Devil stands at $25m, Russian title Last Night launched on $635,000 from 199 and Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere took $168,000 from 70 in five Universal markets.