Sony Pictures Releasing International held on to the overseas crown thanks to an estimated $15.7m weekend haul, despite the close attention of Disney’s animated hit Tangled.

The Green Hornet was active on 5,320 screens in 64 markets and now stands at a relatively early $61m running total. The action film held on to number one Mexico as $1.7m from 708 boosted the tally to $5.2m after two weekends.

The film took $1.9m from 287 in Australia for $6.6m after two to rank third and $9.4m from 513 in Germany after three to rank fourth. The Green Hornet has coaxed $7.7m out of UK audiences over the last three weekends.

There were number one debuts in Taiwan and Singapore on $1.2m from 158, $850,000 from 64, respectively. South Korea produced $785,000 from 350 in fifth place and Italy generated $545,000 from 232 in eighth.

GK Films’ The Tourist crossed $150m overseas as it added $6.6m from 2,640 in 57 for $151.1m. The romantic mystery added $1.6m in Brazil from 240 for $5.6m after two and ranks second.

How Do You Know grossed $4.1m from 1,550 in 11 for an early $6.9m and launched in eighth place in Australia on $1.3m from 170 and fourth in Spain on $770,000 from 295. The film debuted in tenth place in the UK on $595,000 from 323.

  • Disney’s family titan Tangled generated a further #14.7m this weekend as it soared past $250m overseas to become the company’s 11th biggest animated release.

The film was active on 4,073 screens in 43 territories and scored a terrific $7.3m number one launch in the UK from 750. The international running total through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) now stands at $254.3m.

Globally, Tangled stands at $443.9m and is Disney’s 25th biggest animated release with launches in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Scandinavia, Hong Kong and Taiwan coming up.

Tron: Legacy expanded its run into German-speaking Europe this weekend and added $12m from 4,763 sites from 53 territories as the running total climbed to $196m. The sci-fi spectacle opened top in Germany on $4.8m from 454 and opens in France on Feb 9.

WDSMPI opened the graphic novel adaptation Red in Japan where it ranked as the leading Hollywood export on $2.7m from 302 screens.

  • Black Swan took in a confirmed $11.6m through Fox International from 1,293 screens in 16 markets as the international running total climbed to a highly promising $29.3m with only three major markets in release.

There were strong second weekend holds in the UK on $4.1m from 429 after a 4% decline for $11.6m and third place; Germany on $2.9m from 392 following a 10% climb for $7.1m and second place; and Australia on $2.1m from 200 after a 5% drop for $6.5m and a number one hold.

Gulliver’s Travels venture into South Korea and opened top on $4.5m from 492 in Fox’s eighth biggest debut there. Overall the film added $9.4m from 3,080 in 41 for $126.6m. The UK has produced $22.6m after five and is the biggest market so far, followed by Russia on $16.8m after four.

Love & Other Drugs grossed $6.5m from 2,548 screens in 39 markets for an early $52.9m. The rom-com launched in third place in Russia on $1.2m from 365 and in Brazil on $650,649 from 99.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader added $2.3m from 2,254 screens in 28 markets $271.2m. The UK has generated $22.1m after eight weekends but the lead market is France on $26.7m after eight.

Unstoppable added $1.3m from 1,119 screens in 15 markets for $85.6m. Fox International Productions’ Italian co-production Vallanzasca added $893,881 from 316 screens in Italy, bringing its tally to $2.9m

127 Hours begins its Fox International roll-out in India, earning $556,576 from 100 screens to rank as the top Hollywood release on the sub-continent. Seven new markets launch next weekend, including Spain. The overall early tally inlcuding Estonia and Puerto Rico is $642,374.

  • Clint Eastwood’s supernatural drama Hereafter grossed $10.2m according to final results issued on Monday by Warner Bros Pictures International. The drama played on approximately 2,200 screens in 32 territories and has amassed $42.3m.

The film debuted in the UK on $962,000 from 272 sites and launched in Germany on $448,000. It added $3.5m from 482 screens in a mighty number one hold in France for $10m after two weekends and held on to number one in Spain as $2.6m from 360 boosted the tally to $7.2m.

Yogi Bear grossed $7.8m from 2,625 screens in 26 markets for $34.6m. A slew of Latin American launches generated $1.8m collectively. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 stands at $653.6m. Due Date stands at $109.2m.

  • Universal / UPI released the Jason Statham action thriller The Mechanic in Russia and reported an excellent $4.2m number one result from 478 sites. This is Statham’s third best launch in Russia behind Transporter 3 and The Expendables.   

The Dilemma grossed $4m from 1,217 venues in 21 territories for an early $11m running total. The comedy launched in nine territories with Germany delivering the best result on $1.7m from 301 in third place. The UK generated $1.2m from 418 for $3.7m after two weekends and Australia has amassed $3.5m after three.

Devil has grossed $26.3m, Barney’s Version debuted in the UK on $110,000 from 141 and Somewhere stands at $1.7m from five Universal territories and scored a career best launch for Sofia Coppola in Brazil on $140,000 from 15 sites.

  • True Grit began its international roll out through Paramount / PPI and opened in Australia on $2.3m from 197 locations including previews of $474,000.

The King’s Speech continued its spectacular run in Australasia with $2.1m from 246 locations, which brings the running total in Australia and New Zealand to $19m.  The total included excellent holds in both territories. In Australia it grossed $1.6m from 182 venues for $17.7m after six weekends, while a further $474,000  from 64 sites in New Zealand results in $1.3m after two.

Little Fockers surpassed $150m overseas as the weekend haul of $4.2m from 3,043 venues in 55 territories raised the tally to $153m. Morning Glory added $2m from 1,802 in 16 for $16m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind grossed $2m from 2,122 in 60 for $168.5m. Let Me In grossed $356,000 from 297 locations in Brazil and Mexico and the combined running total from these territories is now $1. The Brazilian launch generated $106,000 from 53 locales.

  • Summit International reported that Red opened in Spain on $1.7m from 348 sites and was also in action in Japan through WDMPI this weekend. The overall running total stands at $83.9m and there are upcoming releases between February and May in Italy, Italian-speaking Switzerland and China.
  • Season Of The Witch grossed $5.5m over the weekend through Lionsgate as the tally climbed to $32.4m.