Submarine Deluxe has acquired US rights to the Formula 1 documentary Weekend Of A Champion and will release the film theatrically on November 22 in New York followed by nationwide roll-out.

Frank Simon’s film presents a vérité-style look at Roman Polanski’s chronicle of the attempt by Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart (pictured) to win the Monaco Grand Prix. Forty years later Polanski and Stewart reunited to talk about the sport past and present.

Weekend Of A Champion premiered in Cannes and is presented by RatPac Entertainment’s documentary arm Rat Documentary Films, who first acquired and restored the film.

“It’s an honour and a thrill to be working with Roman Polanski, Jackie Stewart and Brett Ratner to bring Weekend Of A Champion to a US audience,” said Dan Braun. “This is an exciting and thought provoking film that should reach beyond the base of racing and cinema fans.”

“Josh and Dan Braun have a passion for great cinema, most especially the documentary genre which makes Submarine the best home for Weekend Of A Champion,” said Ratner

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