Summit Entertainment has mounted a limited theatrical US re-release of The Hurt Locker in the wake of the film’s six-Oscar triumph.

The distributor returned the thriller to 283 US theatres on March 5 in the run-up to last weekend’s Academy Awards and generated approximately $439,000.

For the coming weekend Summit plans to expand into 318 US theatres and 30 in Canada, a small increase that is consistent with exhibition’s policy of not re-releasing in theatres films that have already entered the home entertainment market.

The Hurt Locker is the lowest grossing film ever to win the best picture Oscar and its gross theatrical revenues currently stand at $14.7m.

Following on from the home entertainment release on January 12, Summit revealed that as of March 6 the film has been rented 3.9million times through brick-and-mortar stores.

There have been approximately 780,000 units sold including electronic download, and VOD rentals and transactions have reached more than 1.5million