The best picture Academy Award winner grossed $16m from 3,980 screens at the weekend to boost the international running total to $206.4m.

FilmNation licensed the majority of territories and The Weinstein Company handled Germany, France, Latin America and Scandinavia, among several others.

Highlights include a $67m run in the UK after nine weeks, $28.3m in Australia after 12, $20.3m in France after six, $12.2m in Germany after four, $11.8m in Spain after 11 and $8.5m in Italy after six. The King’s Speech opens in South Korea on Mar 17.

Meanwhile the underwater action film Sanctum, which FilmNation also licensed overseas, stands at $54.3m following a $2.5m weekend haul on 2,805.

  • Rango’s estimated second weekend haul of $23m through PPI ensured the animation was the biggest Hollywood Ffilm in action overseas and had enough in the tank to repel the initial incursion by Battle: Los Angeles.

The Paramount release was active in 4,963 sites in 46 international markets and stands at an early $46m. It debuted in 13 territories led by $2.7m from 244 in Brazil and a $2.6m number one ranking in Australia from 235. Rango placed first in Italy on $2.1m from 378 and New Zealand on $250,000 from 57.

The UK led the second weekend holds on $2.6m from 471 following a 5% drop for $6m. Rango added $2.3m from 513 in Mexico for $6m, $1.8m from 384 in Spain, $1.4m from 537 in Germany for $3.7m and $350,000 in Argentina for $1.3m.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never added $2.1m from 980 in 11 to boost the early tally to $9.5m. There were six openings including Germany, where it grossed $1m from 332. No Strings Attached climbed to $53.5m with $4.5m from 2,129 venues in 43 markets. The rom-com added $1.6m from 450 in Russia for $5.4m.

True Grit grossed $4.5m from 2,420 locales in 58 territories as the international running total climbed to $67.5m. France has generated $9.1m after three.

  • Battle: Los Angeles opened through Sony Pictures Releasing International in 33 markets and plundered $16.7m from 2,992 screens. The invasion resulted in a string of number one launches, led by Russia on $4.6m from 655, South Korea on $3.6m from 424, the UK on $3m from 549 and India on $1.6m from 530.

Rom-com Just Go With It added $6.4m from 1,835 in 34 for $45.6m, powered by a $1.8m second weekend hold in Brazil for $5.7m and a $1.77m hold in the third weekend in Germany for $8.2m. GK Films’ The Tourist grossed $2.2m from 1,089 in 28 for $198m and fell 65% in its second weekend in earthquake-ravaged Japan on $1.3m from 217 for $9.2m. It stands at $20.1m in China after five weekends.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International top brass confirmed on Monday that that Torrente 4 (3D) delivered a superb $11.7m launch in Spain on 911 screens and dominated the market with ease. It was the industry’s fourth biggest launch and the second biggest debut for a Spanish film behind Torrente 3. Torrente 4 (3D) is produced by Amiguetes Entertainment and Antena 3 Films.

YogiBear crossed $100m following a $2.3m haul from 2,200 screens in 41 territories for $100.2m. Highights include Australia on a running total of $14.3m, the UK on $13.7m, Mexico on $10.4m and Brazil on $7.8m.

New Line’s supernatural thriller The Rite added $8.3m from 2,005 screens in 36 territories to boost the tally to $35.9m. It opened top in France on $2.8m and launched in second place in Italy on $1.9m, while the Mexican tally after four weekends is $9.8m.

Launches in nine new territories fuelled a $5.4m weekend for the Farrelly Brothers comedy Hall Pass from 1,430 screens in 13 markets. The estimated tally stands at $8.6m and the film launched in the UK on $1.5m and Germany on $1m. It added $1.5m in the second weekend in Australia for $4.2m.

  • Black Swan coaxed a further $10.7m from audiences on 4,440 screens in 44 markets through Fox International as the tally soared to $165.9m, acccording to final figures issued on Monday [14]. The running total in South Korea climbed by $1.6m from 265 to second place and $8.3m after two. weekends The film has overtaken Slumdog Millionaire to become the biggest Fox Searchlight release in Brazil on $8m.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son added $3.6m from 1,935 screens in 35 markets for $25.9m, while Gulliver’s Travels delivered $1.9m from 1,500 in 13 markets for $173.9m. 127 Hours stands at $22.8m.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader brought in $1.4m from 891 screens in Japan for $19.2m. It grossed $1.5m from 950 in two territories overall to reach $297m internationally.

  • Universal’s sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau added $8.9m from 2,629 venues in 31 territories through UPI for $24m. The film arrived in Germany on $1.4m from 341 and added $1.6m from 435 in the UK for $5m after two weekends.

The Adjustment Bureaugrossed $1.4m from 214 in Australia for $3.9m and stands at $3.2m after two in Russia and $2.8m in Spain, both after two weekends.

Paul generated a further $2.5m from 692 sites in four as the promising early running total climbed to $25.7m. The comedy stands at $3.8m in France after two and $21.5m in the UK after four.

Mars Needs Moms delivered a disappointing $2.1m from its first weekend on 756 screens in 14 markets through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI), led by Russia on $1.2m from 345. The animation arrives in Mexico next weekend.

WDSMPI executives reported that DreamWorks’ sci-fi action release I Am Number Four brought in a further $7.5m from 4,106 screens in 28 markets for the weekend as the tally climbed to $57.3m. Chinese audiences rewarded it with a further $2m from 1,011 in the third weekend for $14m.

Tangled has reached $354.8m following $3.5m in 2,539 screens in the 15th weekend and despite the earthquake managed $1.6m from 156 in Japan. Gnomeo And Juliet added $1.5m from 951 screens for $14.2m through Disney markets, rising to $49.4m including $35.2m through Pathe markets. Tron: Legacy stands at $225.5m.