Clash Of The Titans prevailed overseas to slay PPI’s dragon and reigning champion Alice In Wonderland thanks to an estimated $45m initial launch through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI).

The fantasy action-adventure, which topped the North American charts on $61.4m, crossed $100m worldwide in its first five days and looks good heading into the coming weeks.

The DreamWorks Animation release How To Train Your Dragon added $38.5m through PPI to raise the tally to $97.5m after two weekends, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s (WDSMPI) Alice crossed $400m in its fifth weekend on $34.2m for $422.3m.

  • Launching top in all its 15 markets, Clash Of The Titans drew $24.3m from 1,270 3D screens, which accounted for 55% of total weekend revenues from 40% of the overall screen count.

A fine $7.8m (£5.2m) UK launch from 752 screens was enough to see off the challenges of How To Train Your Dragon and Universal’s Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang and new opener Kick-Ass as Clash claimed 44% market share. Roughly 384 of the screens were 3D. The number one ranking will be contested by PPI, which claimed a number one weekend with How To Train Your Dragon.

The sword and sandals remake starring Sam Worthington, Mads Mikkelsen, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton grossed $8.6m (€6.4m) in Spain from 549 over five days for 51% market share; $6.8m (7.7bn KRW) in South Korea from 591 over four for 59% share; and set an Easter weekend launch record in Australia on $5.9m (AUD 6.4m) from 349 over four days.

A string of Asian records included Warner Bros’ biggest and the industry’s fifth biggest opening day in India; the biggest launch day for a 3D film in Hong Kong, outstripping Avatar by 9% despite playing on fewer screens; Warner Bros’ biggest opening weekend in Malaysia; the distributor’s second biggest launch weekend and the industry’s fourth biggest in Singapore; and Warner Bros’ biggest opening day in the Philippines.

The second wave of attack follows this week when Clash Of The Titans ventures into France, Germany and Russia.

WBPI’s The Blind Side added $4.9m from more than 1,800 screens in 28 markets to raise the tally to $31.7m. Territory highlights put Australia on $10.5m after six weekends, the UK on $5m after two, Germany on $3.6m after two, Mexico on $2.8m after three, Brazil on $2.2m after three, and Japan on $2m after six. Sherlock Holmes has reached $309.2m.

  • How To Train Your Dragon played in 7,658 sites in 54 territories and PPI president Andrew Cripps said 69% of the $38.5m weekend revenues came from roughly 3,477 3D screens.

The animated adventure opened in 19 territories and PPI claimed a number one debut in the UK on $7.8m from 716 venues, 76% of the gross coming from 3D screens. As previously mentioned, the UK number one position is hotly contested this weekend, with WBPI claiming top spot for Clash Of The Titans.

Dragon opened second in France on $4.7m from 743, and added $800,000 in Belgium from 112 sites. It launched top in Chile on a superb $722,000 from 46, and debuted in Hong Kong on $471,000 from 45, 97% of the gross coming from 3D screens.

A very strong $2.9m result in Brazil from 323 sites after an 18% climb raised the running total to $6.3m and led the second weekend holdover charge. Meanwhile the film added $2.5m in Germany from 804 following a 9% drop for $6.8m, and there was a number one hold in Mexico on $2.5m from 728 for $7.8m following an 11% drop.

Australia’s $2.3m from 356 after a 4% decline produced $6m, and Dragon stands at $3.7m in Italy after $1.1m from 391, and $21.6m in Russia following a $2.6m third weekend gross from 668.

Shutter Island added $6.7m from 2,458 sites in 42 Paramount territories for $93m and $132.4m through all distributors. The mystery took a further $1.1m in the UK from 315 sites for $13.8m after four. It opens in Japan next weekend. Romantic comedy She’s Out Of My league began its overseas roll-out with $2.3m from 611 sites in five territories, including $1.2m in Russia from 329 and $911,000 in Australia from 171 and

  • Alice In Wonderland continues to leap up the rankings and on $732.1m worldwide is now Disney’s sixth biggest global release and the 35th biggest in history. Only 38 films have crossed $700m worldwide.

It stayed top in France on $8.7m (€6.4m) from 737 theatres for $25.8m (€19.2m) after two weekends, and has become Disney’s biggest release in China where $7.3m (50m RMB) from 1,477 boosted the running total to $21.4m (148.2m RMB) after two.

The fantasy adventure added $3.3m (€2.5m) in Germany from 536 for $32.2m (€23.7m) after five to rank second; $2.6m (£1.7m) in the UK from 710 for $57.9m (£38.4m) after five to rank fifth and overtook the 37.8m milestone set by Charlie And The Chocolate Factory to become Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s biggest collaboration. It is now Depp’s biggest non-sequel title – in other worlds excluding Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3 – and before long should overtake the £40.7m total of Pirates 3.

Alice In Wonderland stayed top in Benelux on $1.7m (€1.3m) from 305 for $11.9m (€8.7m) after four, added $1.4m (16.8m pesos) in Mexico from 597 for $29.6m (359.6m pesos) after five to rank second, and grossed $1.3m (1.4m AUD) in Australia from 244 for $28.8m (31.6m AUD) after five to rank fourth.

The Miley Cyrus drama The Last Song opened in third place in Australia on $1.4m (1.5m AUD) from 244 theatres.

  • Universal’s Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang grossed $10.3m from 2,500 locations in 12 territories as the early running total climbed to $17.2m. Approximately $1m came from France through StudioCanal.

The family sequel launched in fourth place in Spain on $1.6m from 295, sixth in Australia on $1.6m from 245, sixth in Germany on $918,000 from 465, fifth in Austria on $140,000 from 68, and launched in Mexico on $570,000 from 250. The film added $4m in the UK from 510 for $10.8m.

The action film Kick-Ass launched through Universal in the UK on an excellent $5.7m from 402 and opens in Australia on April 8. Green Zone added $2.1m from 1,500 sites in 24 for $30.6m through Universal, rising to $33.8m overall.

Universal/Quad’s local language co-production Heartbreaker continues to play well as $2.7m from 436 in France raised the tally to $15.1m after three weekends. Repo Men opened well in Russia on $1.4m from 311 and It’s Complicated has reached $107.3m and there are five territories to go.

  • Action comedy The Bounty Hunter grossed $9.3m through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) from 2,170 screens in 41 markets, raising the early running total to $29.8m. Weekend business was dominated by a $3.3m number one launch in Germany. Dear John

SPRI pulled off one of the biggest opening weekends for a locally produced film in Brazil as Chico Xavier, Sony’s Brazilian co-production and a biopic about the medium and prolific author Francisco Xavier, grossed $3.5m from 340 screens over the weekend. The launch beat SPRI’s opening of Carandiru by 75% and more than doubled the debuts of Cazuza and The Two Children Of Francisco.

  • Summit International reported that the Robert Pattinson drama Remember Me grossed $4.7m from 2,458 screens in 33 for $17.2m.
  • Fox International’s Avatar added $4.6m from 2,300 screens in 37 markets for $1.959bn and ranks second in Japan on $1.3m from 340 for $162.6m. Percy Jackson has reached $135.9m and Tooth Fairy stands at $43.7m.