Clash Of The Titans ruled the roost yet again and edged out Alice In Wonderland thanks to a $33.5m confirmed weekend haul that boosted the running total to $242.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s action film was active on 10,150 screens in 61 markets and scored a $3.1m debut in Japan from 479 screens including previews. Sources said 3D accounted for roughly 64% of the international running total.

Titans generated a spectacular $1.1m in the UAE from 54 screens for WBPI’s biggest ever launch and the third biggest industry launch.

In a trio of number one holds, Titans generated a further $3.6m from 1,364 screens in Mexico for $13.8m and $2.4m from 609 in Italy for $8.1m, both after two weekends. In the third weekend in Germany Titans added $1.4m from 625 for $12.2m.

Latest tallies have the UK on $27.3m, Australia on $16.4m, South Korea on $16m, China on $15.7m where it still ranks number one, Spain on $15.1m after four, Russia on $22.5m where it is now WBPI’s biggest ever release, and France on $15.4m after three.

Alice In Wonderland added $26.7m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, powered by an excellent $5.7m launch in Brazil.

The fantasy adventure screened in 7,233 theatres in 54 territories and stands at $548.5m as Disney’s biggest non-sequel release of all time. It has overtaken Finding Nemo on $528.2m to become Disney’s third biggest overseas release and ranks 17th in the industry pantheon.

The worldwide cumulative gross is $876m, which ranks 18th on the all-time chart.

Returning to that mighty debut in Brazil, Alice set a few records in the process: this was Disney’s biggest debut in the territory, the industry’s biggest non-sequel industry debut ahead of The Da Vinci Code, and the fourth biggest industry opening.

In Japan there was a magnificent second weekend hold as Alice grossed $10.2m from 853 for $37.2m. The first week of release stands as the biggest in Disney history ahead of Pirates Of The Caribbean 3.

There was good news from Spain, where $6m from 638 in the second weekend resulted in an $18m running total.

PPI reported that DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon grossed $11m from 6,671 locations in 60 territories for a $194m that leaves $200m less than a week away.

The biggest contribution came from France, where the film held over superbly to gross $3m from 811 locations after a fall of only 1%, bringing the local tally to $18.3m. Other sizeable totals came from the UK, where it grossed $1.2m from 627 locations for $21.7m, and Australia, where the gross was $809,000 from 314 for $17.4m.

How To Train Your Dragon has grossed $13.2m in Mexico, $12.1m in Germany, $11.2m in Spain and $7.4m in Italy.

Shutter Island added $3m for $160.5m. Paramount territories contributed $2.5m from 1,544 sites for $117.8m. In its third weekend in Japan the mystery added $1.2m from 283 locations for $12m.

Kick-Ass grossed $2.7m through Universal/UPI from 1,070 sites in Universal’s six territories giving rise to a $21.4m running total. The action film opened in fourth place in Germany on $702,000 from 360 and stands at $15.6m in the UK and $4.4m in Australia. Universal’s next market is Spain on June 4 and Lionsgate pre-sold the bulk of remaining territories.

Green Zone added $2.6m from 1,340 in 31 for $47.1m and opened in Mexico in sixth place on $270,000 from 150 venues. Nanny Mc Phee And The Big Bang used a $2.4m weekend from 2,200 venues in 21 territories to raise the tally to $46.8m. Heartbreaker (l’Arnacoeur) continued strongly in France where it added $1.1m from 400 for $23.1m after 40 days and is a Universal-Quad co-production.

Fox International’s Date Night earned $7m from 3,185 screens in 48 markets for an early $27.5m running total. The action comedy opened top in the UK on $1.9m including previews and held in second place in Australia and Germany on $1.1m from 276 for $6.1m, and $756,000 from 561 for $2.1m, respectively.

Fox International introduced Hot Tub Time Machine on behalf of MGM to Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed a number one return in the former on $1.2m from 199 screens. In three International markets released by Fox so far the comedy has earned $1.5m overall.

Avatar added $866,000 from 495 screens in 17 markets for $1.975bn.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s action comedy The Bounty Hunter added $4.3m from 2,600 screens in 56 territories for $57.6m. Brazil stands at $2.2m after two weekends, Germany $7.9m after four, Spain $3.7m after three, and France $1.8m after two.

Brazilian local language sensation Chico Xavier added $1.4m from 326 in the fourth weekend to reach a formidable $13.5m and is now the fifth biggest Brazilian film in history. Sony co-productions account for three of the top five local Brazilian films of all time.

CBS Films’ The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez launched in second place in Mexico on $800,000 from 351 and debuted in fourth place in the Philippines on $110,000 from 40.