Disney/Pixar’s Up dominated the Hollywood competition overseas for the third straight weekend thanks to an estimated $19m haul from 4,789 screens in 26 territories that propelled the running total to $324.2m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) films grossed almost $35m in total as G-Force added $8m, Surrogates took a further $3.7m, and The Proposal crossed $150m.

The highlight from the other studios was Sony’s romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, which crossed $100m just in time before Sony unleashes the Michael Jackson tribute film This Is It in 108 territories next weekend.

Returning to WDSMPI, Up has now amassed $617m worldwide and is currently tracking 5% ahead of the entire run of Wall-E. The film stayed top in seven territories, led by the UK where $4.8m from 750 screens maintained pole position for the third consecutive weekend and raised the tally to $30.3m, tracking comfortably ahead of Ratatouille and Wall-E now.

Elsewhere Up stayed top in Italy where $4.8m for $14.6m means it already overtaken Wall-E’s entire run. In Holland $2m from 193 for $6.4m has passed Wall-E’s final total, while $2.8m from two weeks in Poland, $3.7m from three in Belgium and $760,000 from 180 for $2.3m in Sweden kept Up high above the competition.

After six weekends in Germany Up added $1.4m from 660 sites for $26.2m, again beating the entire run of Wall-E.

G-Force’s $8m weekend haul from 3,013 screens in 35 territories raised the tally to $138.9m and pushed the global running total to $257.2m.

The family action film ranked third place in Germany as $2.8m from 527 cinemas raised the total to $8.8m after two. It added $1.8m in France from 49 for $5.2m after two and $1.6m in Spain from 461 for $9.4m. Scheduled releases include China on November 24, South Korea on December 1 and Japan on March 20, 2010.

Surrogates added $3.7m from 2,244 screens in 31 countries for $52.5m and the sci-fi thriller opens next weekend in France and Portugal. Romantic comedy hit The Proposal added $900,000 from 870 in 21 markets for $150.7m and stands at $314.5m worldwide.

  • The $7m haul for Sony Pictures Releasing International’s animated family release Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs came from 2,905 screens in 50 markets and raised the tally to $43.3m.

Weekend business was dominated by a number one $3m number one debut in Russia from 443 screens and a $1.2m number four launch in France from 631.

The Ugly Truth generated $5.8m from 2,043 screens in 64 markets to push it over the $100m mark and settle on $102.4m. Spain led the holdovers on $2m from 357 for $5.2m after two and Germany produced a further $1.3m from 514 for $13.2m after four.   

Sony’s lighthearted drama Julie & Julia added $3.3m from 1,155 screens in 40 markets for $20.9m and opened in fifth place in Italy on $850,000 from 155. Greece delivered second place on $340,000 from 40 and New Zealand produced a $300,000 number one launch from 68.

Sci-fi hit District 9added $3.1m industry-wide for $82.6m. Of that, $63.7m comes from Sony territories. TheTaking Of Pelham 123 grossed $2.6m from 1,955 screens in 30 markets and stands at $83.5m. The thriller remake opened in China on $2m from 1,190 screens for an unconfirmed ranking.

Sony’s road movie-horror Zombieland added $1.2m from 480 in its first ten territories for an early $8.9m. The mayhem visited Scandinavia, taking $130,000 in Sweden from 22 for fourth place, $105,000 in Denmark from 20 for fifth place, and $100,000 in Norway from 11 for fifth.

  • Mandate International’s Saw VI grossed $5m from its first day-and-date weekend and full figures are expected this week.

  • Universal/UPI’s Inglourious Basterds is closing in on $175m after $4.5m from 2,640 sites in 50 elevated the running total to $173.5m. Despite poor weather the film launched at the top in South Africa on $140,000 from 59. The next release will be South Korea on October 29 and Japan is the final market on November 20.

The comedy Couples Retreat added $3.9m from 950 in seven for an early $17.2m. The UK was the key driver, ranking fourth after $1.5m from 380 boosted the total to $5.9m. The second weekend in Russia produced $1m from 280 venues for $3.1m after two and Couples Retreat has already overtaken the lifetime totals of WeddingCrashers ($1.4m), The Break-Up ($1.8m), and You, Me And Dupree ($1.9m).

In Australia in its third weekend the film moved up to number one as $1.1m from 195 venues boosted the total to $7m. Couples Retreat opens in seven next weekend including Germany and Mexico.

Cirque Du Freak opened day-and-date with North America in three territories, grossing $2.9m from 685 venues. The UK generated $1.4m in third place from 383, while Russia produced second place for the action adventure on $1.4m from 280.

Fast & Furiouscontinued as the top Hollywood release in its third weekend in Japan and stands at $8.2m. By Monday the film is expected to have overtaken Tokyo Drift to become the biggest in the action franchise. The international running total is $204.2m.

The Ricky Gervais romantic comedy The Invention Of Lying ranks seventh in the UK after four weekends and stands at $8.9m.

  • Confirmed results from Fox International reveal that Fantastic Mr Fox opened third in the UK on $2.5m from 483 sites and should propser heading into half-term holidays.

Spanish hit Agora added a further $3.5m from 472 screens in its homeland for an outstanding $21.7m running total. Comedy-horror Jennifer’s Body added $2m from 795 in 20 for $7.4m and staked a claim to fourth place in its opening weekend in France on $1.2m from 211 screens.

The indie romance 500 Days Of Summer added $1.8m from 619 screens in 15 markets for $17.6m, while the comedy All About Steve had a forgettable launch in Australia on $517,897 from 179 screens. The local German film Wuestenblume took an additional $556,000 from 370 screens in Germany for $7.8m.

Warner Bros Pictures International confirmed on Mnday that The Final Destination added $2.7m from more than 1,100 screens through all distributors in 45 markets for an industry-wide tally of $105.7m.