Busy W2 Media has taken English language remake rights to Arto Halonen’s acclaimed Finnish feature Princess, based on the true story of cabaret dancer Anna Lappalainen.

W2 Media will fully finance the project and is eying a top-tier female cast. The company will also handle international sales spearheaded by president of international sales and distribution Julie Sultan, who brought the project to the company.

Arto Halonen’s original Princess is produced by Art Films production and stars Katja Kuttner, Samuli Edelmann, Krista Kosonen and Peter Franzen.

Princess recounts Lappalainen’s redemptive struggle with insanity. The dancer entered Finland’s Kellokoski Psychiatric Hospital in 1945 convinced she was a member of the British Royal Family. Her delusional ways had a surprisingly positive effect on the institution’s exhausted staff and Lappalainen’s fellow patients.

W2 has had a productive AFM, announcing its involvement in the Dennis Wilson biopic The Drummer to star Aaron Eckhart and The Theatre Bizarre 2.