Find out who are the hottest upcoming producers from around the world.

Screen Future Leaders 2015

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When I was appointed editor of Screen International, one of the features I was most looking forward to working on was Future Leaders. And I wasn’t surprised in the least to find out it’s one of the most popular pieces Screen publishes, and has been publishing, for the past several years.

While the film industry can undoubtedly appear too obsessed at times with finding ‘the next’ whatever (actor, director, genre, trend, etc), there’s something exhilarating about shining a spotlight on the rising stars in the business, the people coming up in sales, acquisitions, distribution and producing.

Last year, Screen presented our Sales and Distribution Future Leaders. This year, we turn our focus back to the hot producers around the globe who we think will be the names to know in years to come.

With our team of correspondents canvassing the international industry, we’ve selected 40 up-and-coming faces who, for the most part, are on their second or third feature and who are currently working on projects that will propel their careers to even greater heights.

It was a huge challenge keeping the number to only 47 but I hope you’ll enjoy reading about every single name on our list.

It’s incredible how smart and savvy these young guns already are about the business of producing. Knowing how difficult it is for any producer to navigate the immense complexities of the film world, let alone new ones just finding their footing in the industry, we can’t help but be impressed by what they’ve already achieved.

They all have exciting futures ahead of them and we look forward to toasting them in Cannes at a reception in partnership with Marché du Film’s Producers Network.

Matt Mueller, editor

Future Leaders 2015: Producers

  • Rashid Abdelhamid (Palestine) Made In Palestine Project
  • Marine Arrighi de Casanova (France) Apsara Films
  • Simon Amberger (Germany) Neuesuper
  • Sébastien Aubert (France) Adastra Films
  • Jannine Barnes (Australia) Happening Films
  • Ruchi Bhimani (India) One-Eyed Turtle Films
  • Juliette Bonass (Ireland) Element Pictures
  • Eva Blondiau (Germany) Color Of May
  • Mike Brett & Steve Jamison (UK) Archer’s Mark
  • Pau Brunet (Spain) La Panda
  • Tom Butterfield (US) Culmination Productions
  • Samantha Castellano (Mexico) Dark Factory
  • Rachel Dargavel (UK) Crybaby Pictures
  • Lauren Dark (UK) Stray Bear Productions
  • Daniel Dreifuss (Brazil) Filmed Imagination
  • Natacha Delmon Casanova & Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff (France) La Vingt-Cinquieme Heure
  • Angie Fielder (Australia) Aquarius Films
  • Barbara Francisco (Argentina) Pasto
  • Cristina Gallego (Colombia) Ciudad Lunar
  • Pierre Guyard (France) Nord-Ouest
  • John Giwa-Amu (UK) Red & Black Films
  • Tom Hern (New Zealand) Four Knights Films
  • Mikkel Jersin (Denmark) Nimbus Film
  • Olivier Kaempfer (UK) Parkville Pictures
  • David Kaplan (US) Animal Kingdom
  • Giorgos Karnavas (Greece) Heretic Productions
  • Adam Kassan (US) 6th & Idaho Productions
  • Milos Lochmann (Czech Republic) Moloko Film
  • Mike MacMillan (Canada) Lithium Studios Productions
  • Eitan Mansuri (Israel) Spiro Films
  • Manish Mundra (India) Drishyam
  • Fidel Namisi (South Africa) Coal Stove Pictures
  • Pavel Odynin (Russia) Pavel Odynin’s Film Company
  • Andrea Paris & Matteo Rovere (Italy) Ascent Films
  • Mike Pruss (US) Scott Free
  • Pedro Hernandez Santos (Spain) Aqui y Alla Films
  • Lucan Toh, Emily Leo & Oliver Roskill (UK) Wigwam Films
  • Bendik Heggen Stronstad (Norway) Yesbox Productions
  • Ivy Vanhaecke (Belgium) Caviar
  • Dagne Vildziunaite (Lithuania) Just A Moment
  • Mariusz Wlodarski (Poland) Lava Films
  • Wang Donghui (China) Combo Drive Pictures