Intelligent data analytics solution Movio Cinema EQ is helping cinemas understand their audience from every single visit. Drawing from more than a decade of movie marketing expertise, its insights mean both filmgoers — and cinemas — get more of what they want.


Moviegoers come in all manner of variety and taste. Whether they are there for the scares, explosive action, beautiful romance or artful cinematography, each wants the best experience they can get. But that means different things for everyone, so how can cinemas deliver a perfect experience for all?

Data analytics company Movio seeks to connect every movie­goer with their ideal film. Through data, it is empowering cinemas to deliver the best experiences tailored to individual moviegoers.

Data can get a bad rap, but it is worth remembering why it’s so important: it is every business’s key to understanding what consumers want and — more importantly — provides a gateway to delivering it. To illustrate how data leads to better moviegoing experiences, consider how cinemas use it to read and understand the audience.

Moviegoer data provides cinemas with a picture of their audience; the clearer the data, the better the picture. Without being informed by high-quality data and analysis, movie marketers today would be working in the dark.

First-party data — qualitative and quantitative information collected directly from consumers — is important for both cinemas and moviegoers. For cinemas, it is the most accurate, relevant and measurable data they can obtain from the audience. Behavioural data showing moviegoers’ visiting frequency, favourite films and genre trends provides real insight into their interests in ways demographics and second- or third-party data simply cannot.

Fans of indie drama and comedies might not be interested in hearing about the latest instalment of a genre franchise, yet without the right communication they could easily miss a gem like Everything Everywhere All At Once. With the right behavioural data, movie marketers can tailor their programming.

Once cinemas have a better understanding of their moviegoers, they can curate and enhance more effectively the experiences and content they offer.

Movio provides cinemas with the tools to market films in a smarter, faster way. Its latest product, Movio Cinema EQ, enables cinemas to improve the way they market movies to movie­goers by drawing from more than a decade of movie marketing expertise. Better marketing means moviegoers can expect more relevant content, personalisation and potential incentives that enhance what they enjoy.

Appetite for content

Movio’s proprietary Propensity Algorithm tells cinemas not only individuals’ preferred movie choice, but lets them assess how likely people are to see each title. For moviegoers, it means content that is more targeted to their interests, and the opportunity to find the perfect movie for them to enjoy.

In a direct analysis of the opening week of Black Panther (February 16, 2018), the moviegoing behaviour of visiting members revealed that 55 per cent saw their number-one recommendation; 68 per cent saw a movie in their top two recommendations, and 78 per cent saw one in their top three recommendations. Such data is hugely valuable to movie marketers.

Movio’s Dynamic Content capability gives cinemas the power to tailor content to the different tastes of their audiences with ease. And with advanced targeting, cinemas are better equipped to focus their expertise on creating compelling, tailored content.

Comparing a split audience, with one half sent dynamic content and the other an editorialised version, Movio saw an 18 per cent uplift in clicks for dynamic content, and an even more impressive 28 per cent uplift in revenue in direct comparison. Content tailored to moviegoers is not only better for cinemas’ business, but is far more engaging for moviegoers directly.

Data is what drives decisions. Movio seeks to empower cinemas to understand their audiences, so they can provide moviegoers with the best experiences. The aim is to connect every moviegoer to their ideal movie — data fuels a better experience for everyone.

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