Winners include Strangers in the House, Motherland, The Dustcloth.

The Istanbul Film Festival has announced the winners of its industry development and post-production awards.

Dilek Keser’s Strangers in the House has been awarded the Istanbul Film Festival’s first Work in Progress 1000 Volt Post Production Award, which will secure the film’s online editing and sound processing. The film is about an old woman who returns to her birthplace, an Aegean seaside town in Turkey, with her granddaughter, and discovers a young Turkish man living in and renovating her old family home.

Among the development awards announced yesterday, Motherland director Senem Tüzen [pictured] was presented with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Tourism and Culture Support Award of $10,000, as well as Melodika’s Audio Post-Production Support Award of TL 25,000.

For her film The Dustcloth, Ahu Öztürk was awarded with the Support Award amounting to €10,000 presented by French Cinema Center (CNC) and Tolga Karaçelik’s project Lonely Child was awarded with the Binger Lab Script Consultancy scholarship of €2,500, given for the second time this year.

Mizgin Müjde Arslan’s project Bust received a special mention.

The festival also announced the projects to be supported by the Turkey-Germany Co-Production Development Fund, established last year through the cooperation of the İstanbul Film Festival Meetings On The Bridge Platform, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Fund.

The selected films are Derviş Zaim’s Balik Fish, Ilker Catak and Johannes Drucker’s Spatkauf, Orhan Eskiköy’s Hayaller Dreams, Emre Yeksan’s Orada There Outside, Erkan Tahhusoğlu’s Eşik Verge, Axel Koenzen’s Patara and Özgür Sevimli’s İyilik Goodness.