The Sam Spiegel Film School is paying tribute to top Israeli producer Micha Shagrir with an event on Thursday night.

Hundreds of Israeli industry figures who have with Shagrir over the decades will attend the event which is sponsored by The Israel Film Fund, The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, the Israeli Producers Guild, the New Fund for Cinema and TV, the Israeli Film Academy and the Jerusalem Foundation.

The tribute will be held at the Cinematheque as part of the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Shagrir, who was the head of Kastel Productions, was one of the founders of the school and a former chairman of the Israel Film Fund. He is a former recipient of the Jerusalem Film Festival Life Achievement Award and the Israeli Film Academy’s Life Achievement Award.

Shagrir’s credtis include Avanti Popolo, A Matter of Size, Sayarim and The War After This War.

“Micha Shagrir is a true force of nature, a unique producer and storyteller re-inventing himself and adapting to an ever-changing  media-landscape,” said school head Renen Schorr. “Micha is the major ‘chance-giver’ for young film people - similar to Menachem Golan. He changed the lives of hundreds of filmmakers by enabling them to become a major part of the industry.”