Olsberg SPI report reveals positive impact of pilot funds Network Television Investment Programme and Content Fund.

Northern Film & Media’s two pilot funds Network Television Investment Programme and Content Fund injected nearly £2m in the North East UK’s creative industries over from 2006-2009, a new Olsberg SPI report has revealed.

The funds leveraged £5.2m investment and secured 100 jobs, the report noted.

Ten network commissions — including Joe Maddison’s War on ITV — came out of the TV programme fund, which was “more than anticipated,” according to the report.

The Content Fund, which covered a range of industries including film, was said to generate £2.75m of local spend. Films backed included Self Made by Gillian Wearing, Ways To Live Forever and One Night In Turin.

Tom Harvey, CEO, Northern Film & Media, said: “The Olsberg report highlights a number of successes where the funds have outperformed expectations and demonstrates what can be achieved with well structured public support for the North East creative industries. We must learn from the experience of these pilot funds and develop new structures that enable the North East creative industries to flourish.”

Dr Libbie McQuillan, Senior Associate, Olsberg SPI added: “Our conclusions encourage any similar future initiatives to develop strategies to capitalise on such current wins in the longer term as well as further helping companies in terms of creating international opportunities and providing bespoke business growth advice.”

Olsberg SPI’s report recommended that future structures should focus on “enabling companies to connect internationally, encouraging long term benefits and stimulating companies to develop models that retain IP.”

These two pilot funds were precursors to the current Finance For Business — North East Creative Content Fund.